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    How many do not quarantine?

    To stay on point with OP's criteria, I've personally known 5-6 people who have had tanks 10+ years (some small 20ish gallon systems up to one that was a 300 gal full-blown reef) who never bothered with the QT process, without issue. I won't get into whether or not I think that's a good idea or...
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    CANNOT get nitrates down

    Have you tried a different test kit? Your bioload isn't that high and with those amounts of WCs, I would suspect you might be getting bad readings from a bad kit. Other than that, someone else will have to chime in.
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    Help! Algae Problems

    Hair algae like that is almost always a nutrient problem. Test your nitrate and phosphate and post them here.
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    QT tank ammonia spike and hurt fish

    Big WCs are really good here.
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    Let's discuss...salt.

    This is one of the best posts EVER.
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    Severe ich in just a few hours??

    Although I've never seen this happen personally, by upping your calcium by 'quite a bit' it sounds like he may have been covered in calcium carbonate. Hope the spots don't return.
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    Cycling Process

    A week is awfully fast for a cycle, but I have heard of it before. If the live rock did have significant enough dieoff to spike ammonia around 3ppm and it's processed to 0ppm, it may indeed be cycled. In regards to high nitrate, a partial water change is the usual course of action. In regards...
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    Sick fish

    It doesn't look like a parasite, but some sort of mouth trauma as you suspected. Unfortunately, Ctenochaetus genus (the bristletooths - of which the Kole eye is one) don't always fair well from mouth trauma. The bristletooths are very delicate and damage can often spell a slow death to...
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    Rate my cleanup crew

    You'll find several (myself included) people here debating the reef-safeness of nearly all crabs, as I've personally had experience with emerald crabs nipping at corals. Not bad, but enough to make me not like them. Also, have to second the vote for cerith snails. Great all-purpose CUC members.
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    Canister with Refugium / Sump Questions

    Canister filters aren't generally used as they are detritus traps as mentioned above, and are really only best if you don't have the room for a sump. A refugium can be ran inside a sump if it's large enough (like you said, it's just an additional chamber in the sump) but their main advantage is...
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    Aquascape for 220G

    Looks nice to me!
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    While the wording is hyped to make them sound amazing, I've purchased a few things from them and had very positive experiences each time. Hopefully others will be able to comment as well.
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    Support your Lfs?

    I support my LFS for live items because as mentioned by somebody above, you can check them out, see if they're eating, you don't have to worry about death from shipping, etc. Are they more expensive than, say, LiveAquaria? Usually, but you have to figure that your LFS is feeding and caring for...
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    Refugium size

    Bigger is better as said above, but if you just want to have a place to grow pods, that'll be big enough. Nutrient export is where size starts to matter.
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    Help with restarting a tank!

    Your rock is still good to use, it's just probably uncured now. In fact you could use the little bits of dead stuff that may be left on it to start your cycle your next go around. You may still need to add an ammonia source but you never know. I'd wash it still, as mentioned above.