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    Doubling Down 150g--> 300g

    awesome 300
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    My 75 gal w/ no sump FOWLR

    been awhile since I have updated. Since the last update our pajama cardinal died. We had him for awhile but all of a sudden he started losing his color. Then he started swimming less and less. Not sure age or something else played a factor. Our Christmas wrasse also ended up dying. He was...
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    75 Gallon Stocking Ideas

    you posted this in the large reef section
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    300 DD Build

    looking great so far
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    My 75 gal w/ no sump FOWLR

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    My 75 gal w/ no sump FOWLR

    been a long time since iv updated. Tank still going. I updated my current fish in my signature. While adding water to the tank today I finally decided to adjust my rocks that fell over some. As soon as I put my hand in the tank I felt a shock. First time I have been shocked from the tank so it...
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    You bet your wrasse

    very nice tank
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    My 75 gal w/ no sump FOWLR

    haven't updated in awhile. We moved houses in august and all the fish made it. we had to stay in a hotel for 17 days so my brother fish sat. Yesterday I noticed the gyre stopped working and has a red light. Was working fine since the move. Its been past a year since I bought it so I bet no...
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    Office Tranquility (75g mixed)

    awesome. hopefully it make sit through. I have a 75g also. what is your fish list as of now in the tank?
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    Opinions On Large Reef Tank Deminsions

    my vote would be the longer one
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    New setup, odor issue

    its not just the dead things in the sand? When I was going through cycling with dry rock it smelled pretty bad. wife almost made me lose the tank but it stopped after cycle ended
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    Reefrf's 250 upgrade!

    awesome tank
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    d2mini's "Essential Focus" Mixed Reef Build

    just read through all 27 pages at work. amazing tank and amazing eye for detail. I am moving to a new house in a couple months and am upgrading my tank to 200+ gal. I will have to get some TBS rock now for sure
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    Clevers 220g Tank Build

    nice build. hopefully new tank is treating you right
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    *Johnseye's New 260g Build*

    very nice tank and stand. really like your aquascape too