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  • thanks for the heads up. I sold my turntables a long time ago. I use cd players now, its easier to get music. I have enough equipment to play for a crowd of at least 1000 people. if you ever need a dj, hit me up.
    Hey bro, i do have some dirty water, PD's and NG's grow like mad but not sure what happened. Maybe my freaken Asterina's attacked it or something. Oh well. LOL.

    Hey, I remember awhile back you said you were a DJ. I saw some old school new wave records on craigslist here in sac for $100. Stuff like Bad BOys Blue, modern talking, cc catch. etc. If you are in to that stuff then get them and I'll hire you to dj bro LOL.
    I got ripped off big time with this seller.
    I bought T5 lamps & reflectors & Ballast from him.

    Packaging was the worst. 2 out of the 3 bulbs were broken
    Out of the 4 reflectors, 2 were standard reflectors that was cut & the other 2 (I am saying without any exaggeration) were plain metal sheets bent in a crude form.

    The Ballast never worked.

    He never responded to me on time. Then I contacted Paypal & they said they will not cover quality of Goods. Bascially the seller could have shipped me dirt instead of the item & that would be my loss as in this case.
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