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    LEAR Frag Fest '22?

    I heard that the Holiday Inn is for sure booked for the event but it hasn't been "publicly" announced yet.
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    Reefing USA Frag Swap

    Seems kinda counter intuitive? Usually - I mean im not for certain, but usually when ppl sell corals at swaps they go right to buying more coral from vendors. I mean thats just me. Sell some frags, buy some newer pieces. Somewhat of a dumb move imo and will hurt their profit far more than...
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    Never Opened MP10QD and Used Phos Hanna Checker for Sale

    Never used sealed box MP10QD for sale. Was going to be used for a biocube but went a different route. My loss is your gain. - $260 Used Hanna Phosphate Checker HI 713 for sale. 13 reagent packets included. In great condition. - $40 Open to possible trades for High End Sticks/LPS. Pm for Pictures.
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    Frag Tank $150

    Pm sent
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    Acrylic Sump for sale - Brand New

    Sold. Thread can be closed
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    Acrylic Sump for sale - Brand New

    So I still have the brand new sump still wrapped in cellophane from the day I won it from the LEAR raffle in Feb - Aquatica made the sump to my knowledge. All I know is it had a ton of tickets in the jar and I threw one in for a why not and got lucky. At first I was going to sell it but then I...
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    Hippo Tangs Bred in Captivity!

    Came across this article the other day and definitely worth the read - nat geo does some great work! Very interesting to see if we cant start rearing more of these amazing aquatic animals.
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    Sump for Sale/Trade

    So after 4 years of swaps and never winning anything in a raffle my father came to the first one ever and won the custom sump made by Aquatica in the LEAR raffle. After just restarting my 75 with a brand new sump and only having one more tank in a Biocube, I don't really have space let alone...
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    Need help with sump water level

    I took out the sump and added gutter guard. The sumo is at constant level in all 3 chambers but with the auto an apex I don't think it's an issue. My other quick question is that when I turn off my return my water rises in the sump from back syphon but then there's some detritus in the return...
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    Need help with sump water level

    The skimmer overflowing isn't an issue. I have code written into my apex when the return gets shut of or power is lost the skimmer turns off and then has a 5 minute delay to restart. That's not an issue. I just wish i had the sumo designed way more efficiently. Any idea how much a sump...
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    Need help with sump water level

    Alright I'm gonna switch to a finer gutter guard. Running the sump at a level that is constant throughout is fine right? I would have my ago in the return but the entire sumo would flucuate. I don't see a problem running the water level the same in each chamber but I was just checking.
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    Need help with sump water level

    Yeah the sump was designed relatively poorly. Way to much space in the first chamber and not enough space for a refugium and not enough baffles/bubble traps. If I take out the sponge and replace it with something like gutter guard and run the sumo at the same level constant with every chamber...
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    Need help with sump water level

    Raising the skimmer was a thought but the dump was designed perfectly to get the skimmer cup off. If I raise it I cannot get the cup out. Also I cannot get the actual skimmer out and it would be a huge headache to even raise it at this point with eggcrate. As for the algae scrubber I feel as...
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    Need help with sump water level

    Top off container is the blue acrylic container to the right of the sump