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    Wavemaker pumps and controllers

    Hello everyone. I have a 150 gallon tank with fish, live rock and coral. Years ago when it was set up I went with the Tunze 7095 controller and pumps. Great, awesome products. Fast forwarding to now, my controller is not working properly but the powerhead are ok. The controller partially works...
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    AI Vega Main Board

    Does anyone have an AI Vega main board they would like to get rid of? Maybe someone has spare parts lying around. My main board is bad and I would like to replace it if I can. Thanks for any help or advice I can get on this. David
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    Hi everyone. I have a 150 AGA with the stand that has the three doors in it. It still has the old original wet dry sump but I converted it and took the bio balls out etc... Anyway, I want to put a larger sump under there and I am looking for ideas as to how to do it. I am not a carpenter or...
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    7095 controller

    Hi everybody, I have the 7095 controller but never really understood it. I have two pumps connected to it. Should one be on channel 1 and the other on channel 2 or doesn't it matter. What should the white knobs be set at? Each channel has two white knobs and I can only figure out the one of them...
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    sump design opinions

    Hey everybody, Just wondering if this sump design makes sense. It's a rough draft so hopefully you can see what I am trying to do. Skimmer first, then bubble trap, then refugium, then small bubble trap but more room in between to fit sponges etc... Using a 40 long. Skimmer section is 18" and...
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    Sump Question

    Well I don't dive so my aquarium is my ocean. I have been snorkling though. I know, not the same. LOL. Anyway, it you get a chance, check out the Diablo DC-200 (DCS-200INT). Don't know why it has two model numbers for the same skimmer...
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    Sump Question

    Diver, We are almost neighbors. I live near West Palm but I work in Vero Beach. Thanks a million for the great pictures. The reason I was thinking about the DC and POV is those are the ones that Jeremy at Coralvue said are the newest models. I think the POV2 is a little out of my price range and...
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    Sump Question

    Hey diver, Are you in Florida?
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    Sump Question

    Hey diver, Great pix. Thanks a bunch. Funny you should mention the POV-1. When I explained to Jeremy at Coralvue what I had he actually suggested the POV-2 or the DC-200. I am going to study or pictures a little closer and see if I can do about the same thing you did. Thanks again. David
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    Sump Question

    Here is an update since I have been researching this morning. I am going to get the Reef Octopus DC 200 (DCS-200INT). Seems like it has two model numbers. Anyway it says it only needs 5.5 - 6.5 inches of water for the recommended depth. It is 23.4" tall. Should I use my 25" max and make that...
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    Sump Question

    Thank you everybody for answering. I think I finally get it. Lets see. So if the power goes out the water in the overflows will come backwards down the return lines and fill the return pump compartment first, then eventually the water will work its way to the other compartments filling the rest...
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    Sump Question

    Hey diver, Thanks for responding. So the section where my return pump will be needs to be able to handle an outage. I agree 30 seems small but that is about the max I can fit under the tank. The one there now is about 20 I am guessing. The 30 would be about 17" high which would allow me just...
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    Sump Question

    Ok guys. Now I am confused. One of you say the water fills the whole sump and the other says it fills the return which I assume would be the compartment where my return pump is. Please clarify. Also, to answer some of your questions, I didn't want to bother with another light and fan etc... for...
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    Sump Question

    Hi everybody. I am planning on trying to build a sump. I was thinking about a 30 gallon glass tank. I thought I would make the first compartment the area where my drains come in and my skimmer sits. Then I thought I would have a middle section just for the water to run through. (No Refugium)...