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    What vitamines do you guys use

    None, I do not dump stupid **** of any kind in my tank.
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    another mandarin question. is my tank good enough?

    So the Mandarin "eats frozen foods" big deal! Are you really prepared to drop small chunks of frozen food in the tank throughout the course of the entire day, day after day, WITHOUT FAIL??? Because mandarins eat tiny amounts ALL DAY LONG.
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    Is there a way to identify magdrive pumps?

    1) you did not upset me 2) if you are going to apologize you should apologize to the OP for your stupid *** question, not to me...
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    Fish help Tails disappearing

    What you describe sounds like a tank with poor conditions. Fish that are not happy will lose fin structure and its work to get them to grow back. May they all rest in peace.
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    Is there a way to identify magdrive pumps?

    Is that what the thread is about?
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    Is there a way to identify magdrive pumps?

    Why would you ask that question?
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    More $ on lights or more $ on skimmer

    In my opinion it is easier to DIY lights so I would buy a flash skimmer and rig some good lighting.
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    Could you run a Coral Only with no skimmer ?

    Skimmer removes organics and aerates the water, they are highly recommended.
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    Please help, red algae all over my refugium plants

    Cyanobacteria can be eradicated by not feeding it and not giving it light.
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    What to do with old pumps

    Always save the impellers if they are in good shape, always. You never know when you might need one or you can usually sell them. I usually save all the pieces and individually auction them one by one on eBay. Individually they do not bring a lot but it adds up.
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    I scratched my glass!

    Its the first of many, just deal with it like I do... The worst ones are on the inside because algae grows in the scratch and makes it much more noticeable. My tank is a hexagon so I can rotate it to get the best "front" but it is very old so there are many scratches.
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    Bare-bottom / fishless: Pitfalls?

    Bare bottom is the way to go if you can deal with how it looks.
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    200 Gallon Cylinder Zero Edge!