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    ID wanted, unknown thing on Christmas tree worm rock

    Is it a Vermetid snail? If so I would be super glueing the end and then let the Cyphastrea grow over.
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    900g Build

    Just found this build! Very good videos and information! Such a great build!!! keep it up!
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    I'm returning to Reefing. Would you care to join me?

    I have been out of the hobby for about 8 years myself and have the urge to dive back in! Subscribed!
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    How many flame wrasses in 100 gallon?

    In a tank that size a trio would work for awhile but when one turns male the two females will be pestered and beat to death. If you have the room it is best to have at least 4 females to 1 male in my experience. Good luck
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    Ph Readout Error

    So that that i know the possible problem, how do i go about testing for it and then correcting it?
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    Ph Readout Error

    Why would my lights turning on or off have any effect on the ph in my calcium reactor?
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    Ph Readout Error

    It is around the times my light come on and off. They begin the ramp up at 10 and are completely off at 10
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    Ph Readout Error

    So every day at the same time my Ph2 probe which i have in my calcium reactor gives false readings I have attached a pic of the graph showing what it does. Any guesses as to why this is happening?
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    not sure what i have growing in my tank.

    Google Majano Anemone, If you have those you might want to take action
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    Tamarin Wrasse Primer.

    Here is a great Pic of the Psych head wrasse in my tank. Picture taken by Sanjay Joshi
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    Check into the Apollo Reef LED lights, I have been happy with mine and they are controlled by my apex. As for a skimmer, Maybe a SRO 3000? ATO - I really like my Tunze Osmolator.
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    Apollo Reef Led Solar Blast

    I have 2 of the dimmable units over my 150, I would prefer to have 3 but the center beam of my tank doesn't allow for that. I get great coverage and was nothing but impresses by the par readings I took.
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    Unknown Coral Pic

    Unable to get a better pic.... I think it is some sort of Monti, I guess i will keep watching it grow and hopefully get an ID when it gets bigger. Thanks all
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    Unknown Coral Pic

    I will try to get a better pic after work if i can, and yes something with scale would pry help. I might just have to let it grow some more and try to get an ID then. Thanks for the help so far.
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    Unknown Coral Pic

    I have been watching a spot in my tank develop what appears to be a coral. It is a small red encrusting coral with red polyps. Any guesses on what it could be?