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  • Ultra life red slime remover really works well and does not change the chemistry of your tank much, why not try isolating your frag tank and refugium and dose ultra life and see the results. This may show you how effective it is with out doing your whole system. I believe red slime is more of a outbreak or disease that can be eliminated permanently from your system.
    Hey jay hope all is well. My tank is doing well, still very little pe on the lokani and no growth the other frags are doing well.

    I wanted to ask you about your kalk and the ph of your tank.
    You monotor your ph, how high does it get with kalk as your top off. What type of swings do you get with it.

    My ph controller from my co2 reactor is not really working.

    I also have a answer for your red algae, after personally dosing zeo food (similar to biopellets) i can say it is super powerful at reducing nitrate and phosphate. If your phosphate is still at .01 without dosing anything: There is still residual biopellets in your rock. This residual will easily grow red algae and keep your nutrients low until it runs out. We know biopellets grow bacteria very well and unfortunately red algae is a bacteria not algae. But you know all that.
    very disappointed just tested my phosphate and it is .12, ouch! I guess back to some gfo. possibly I should take out the 20 lbs of gravel, possibly 30. But really not much.
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