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    Reefing Competition

    I think the competition should run a minimum of five years before judging the tanks.
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    Happy 20th Birthday Marilyn

    Happy birthday. It is pretty cool to post in a thread once every 10 years. I am looking forward to the 2030 post.
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    What to add

    Maybe head over to the advance topics sub-forum and ask your question there. There are a few helpful and very knowledgeable reefers there that could help you understand. Good luck and let us know what you find out.
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    Fish die corals live

    You should learn about BOD.
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    The Ultimate DIY Rocks!

    I believe it does because of the requirements for calcification. Is it a major issue? I don't remember it being one but that was 10 plus years and several diy rock projects ago. People started changing the orginial recipe and more often than not had issues.
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    What a long strange trip it's been....

    Congratulations and condolences. I hope you are doing well. My suggestion is put the hobby on hold and become a lounger.
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    The Ultimate DIY Rocks!

    If you have an agricultural store/feed store for livestock like chickens you can get a bag of crushed oyster shells for cheaper than other places. That, sand, and cement will be used for the recipe.
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    Had enough

    I am sure someone would take the clam vs killing it though I have seen people do that. If you wanted a clam only nano that would be cool and if you sold off most of your equipment it should cover a new tank etc. You could use pickling lime in your top off vs a new dosing pump etc. Good luck.
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    Dialup beware #2 tank pictures

    Good luck. This should bring a renewed interest in zoa keeping that is sadly missing.
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    Removing rock from sump

    Thanks for the response. Years ago there was a thread here called duplex sump or something similar by Mr. Wilson who discussed creating a cryptic zone with egg crate underneath live rock in a sump. This cryptic zone had lesser water flow and used that material to feed that area. It is always...
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    Aqiarium hobby as coral reef species conservation

    If you really believe this you should go ahead now and get rid of anything requiring electricity and find a job that does not affect this as well. Are you willing to do this?
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    Removing rock from sump

    Old tank syndrome is one of those phrases that gets passed around from time to time and is used when someone has an older tank, something goes wonky, and the owner cannot find the cause. Would you go into more detail as to why you believe this could be the case here? Thanks.
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    Clear translucent bug in sump. Please help!!

    Do you mean the pineapple sponges?
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    Making Skull Dead Rock

    Portland white cement or Portland 1 or hydraulic water stop Sand or crushed oyster shell Water Option 2 Pond foam uv resistant Table salt to shape.
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    Using a Prior Freshwater Tank for a Reef: Copper Concerns

    I am too lazy nor do I care enough to do this but all someone has to do is get some new silicone and put it in a glass with ich treatment, then rinse it, and test it for copper.