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  • Hello Mr Karim could we come friends I think you are Arabian so I will not shay to ask you about reefing where I am new to the hopy .. Thanx
    Mohamed gendia
    From Egypt
    I understand the DT waterfall to keep it's level.

    I use a simple floating device for ATO with no baffles in the sump but you're right, a baffle systems in it would help to keep some part of the water in it at constant level even water falling from DT changes due to surge.

    No worries about asking questions. Nice to share.

    My tank is 380g. So 40-50g of surge doesn't have much effect dynamically. Maybe if you had 150g surge, it would matter.
    The DT's water level is determined by the overflow lip location.
    The sump's water level is determined by the last stage in the sump after the baffles. I use a level switch to my Apex that triggers my ATO water feed. It works by activating a cheap garden 24V solenoid that allows tap water into the RODI. This goes up to a high reservoir above the tank. The reservoir has an overflow line that goes to my sump.
    How do you keep water lever? I'm using an auto shut valve on mi RO uniti and am concern that sump's water level won't be stable enough to keep that artifact working.

    Have you published any video of the tank with worals in it? I'd love watching that.

    They say surge may crack lateral glass as it is a strong dynamic effort. I think it disipates along the way but, have you taken any measure on that?

    Sorry for being so direct asking, I'm really interested and you are the only one sharing this water flow system on the web.


    The surge is working great. The secret to it is the Apex controller and the DIY valves. While doing maintenance on the sump, I've run the surge/tank cycle in "soft mode" to keep the flow going.

    However, the full surge action won't work without a sump in my setup. This is because the volume added to the tank is so large over such a short time that the DT would overflow without the flow to the sump.

    You can overcome this by having the DT water level low enough to absorb the full surge (50gals in my case).
    I'm using a big DIY skimmer and BB tank with live rock and siphoning detritus every day. Actually, I enjoy siphoning detritus as it lets me pay focused attention to the tank and the animals while doing it.

    I think a return + surge water flow would be a very good way to go taking out the wave makers and rest of pumps. That's just what I think but you have experiene on how good water flow and movement it provides and that's a higher level. That's why I'm asking you. I might be gronw thinking. Ha, ha, ha .... and would not be fear to my animals wich I appreciate.

    How is it working for you? You've done a very big investment, not talking only about money, in your tank and I'm sure you are sure, more than I, why you went that way.

    There are many ways to make a reef tank work. A surge is just one part of a system. What are you using as a bio filter or nutrient export (like a skimmer or scrubber)
    Hi Karim,
    I'm relatively knew to reefing but I'm intending to build an only surge + return pump water flow tank.
    I 've been reading your posts and would appreciate very much if you could share your experience with me. Does it work? Is only surge water motion enough for corals?

    Many thanks,

    From Spain
    XDDD im doing a brick bbq grill this weekend and also the new table for my 50g aquarium... ill get a bag of portland and start working on it on sunday n.n thanks so much,
    I believe it's safe and have no evidence otherwise.
    My current tank is the first one with concrete rock, but I think it was a great success.
    I would highly recommend it unless you don't like getting dirty. LOL
    Hi, sorry to bother, I´m interested on the concrete diy rock you did some time ago, im researching on long term use of concrete live rock and it would be wonderfull if you could share some advice or some of your experience, mostly im looking for an answer for 3 great questions...

    1) its it safe? how long have you been using it and what results did you had?

    2) have you ever tried anything like this?


    3) From 1 to 10, 1 being the least and 10 being the top, how much would you recommend this to someone else?

    In any case... i really would appreciate any advise, and if its too bothersome or you dont want to answer any of those... you dont have to :D, just in case, i loved the walls you did and how awesome the whole thing looked.... thanks even if you dont answer cuz you are giving me great ideas on what to do and how to do it.
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