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  • Hi Kasey,
    So it has been awhile since I have talked to you. I have had a lot of things come up and have not been able to work on my tank at all, but I have just gotten things clear and am headed into it full steam. (your poor skimmer has just been sitting there:( ) So i figured I would say hi and send you that link to my build thread I promised. Take care!
    So the skimmer arrived today in perfect condition. Everything looks good. If I were to run it and soak it for a while I am sure I could get it even more cleaned up. I haven't plugged it in but I'm sure everything is perfect you have been an awesome person to deal with. Please keep in touch and as soon as I start my build thread I will send you a link:). Thanks again kasey
    Hey, how has school been going? I posted some new updates on my tank. I hate to say this but the polyp you gave me died.
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