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  • Hi there! I have been admiring your amazing tank pics. Would you be willing to sell me some macroalgae?
    Hey I was wonering if I'd be able to buy some macro trimmings from you when you get back? Desperately wanting some and love your tank! Been following it from the sidelines awhile now. Pm me if you'd be interested.

    Hello, I am interested in some of your macroalgea fragments and ordering some from you if you still have them:

    1. Dragonbreath
    2. Green Gracilaria
    3. Seagrass

    If you have them, please let me know. I probably will order the gracilaria and seagrass first and then the dragonsbreath as at the moment I only have 20 to spend, but I am extremely interested. I am not sure what part of michigan you are in, but we(my friend and I) are in the southeastern area, and if you are also, we could always meet instead of doing the shipping?


    Oh, and my direct email that goes right to my phone is rcflyerd@gmail.com
    I also am interested in anything else, such as the brown and other reds also that you have, as I am doing(trying) to do a small refugium garden(growing space is 18x17) and I have a second sump that I am trying to figure out how to fit it under my stand to add to it.

    But I look forward to doing buisness and hearing from you,

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