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    Aggressive coral beauty

    75 gallon mixed reef. The coral Beauty and clownfish have been together for years. Recently, the coral beauty is forcing the clown to stay in one corner. I was able to fish out the clownfish into a bucket. I tried the coral beauty but due to him continuously hiding in rocks, I wasn't successful...
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    bleaching live rock?

    why do you have to come off like that? I google ways to kill certain algeas, from different reefing sites I read of multiple people doing/ or thinking of this. I then went on this site and saw some other people had questions about it when I did a search. Sorry for wanting to know a little...
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    bleaching live rock?

    Ive done a search but couldnt find out the details I was really looking for. Google search is where I found out about the idea of putting live rock in ACID to kill such things like aiptasia. Then I read someone on this site said to KILL alegeas, bleach is what you want. Anyways, clorox bleach...
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    lighting for a 29 bio cube

    well what about if the LEDs go out. Can you replace the bulbs? Ive heard that you have to buy a whole new system when the bulbs go out.
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    lighting for a 29 bio cube

    would LEDs support clams and monti caps? Im not really sold on the LEDs. I read that if the bulbs go out, you cant replace them. Also I am 99% sure I will jus stick with a 150W MH because I DO already have the fixture and the ballast on that thing isnt even a year old.
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    lighting for a 29 bio cube

    they dont make what a version of the 29 biocube? If youre talking about a version with a 150W mh, I am just going to use my retro kit I already have on my current tank.
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    lighting for a 29 bio cube

    dont think it would be over kill? I have acans and some other softies, I do not want to burn them up! But being able to use my retro fit 150 would be a lot easier.
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    lighting for a 29 bio cube

    I will be downgrading here pretty soon and I think I will get a bio cube. I plan on the 29G size. I understand they have lights but I was wondering if I wanted to keep some of my monti caps and a clam, should I keep my 150wMH I have now? Or should I maybe go with a 70W Mh clamp on? any input on...
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    Purple it bleaching?

    Are the tips of it white or parts of the "core" turning white?
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    need some help

    I see a lot of people just put them on the back glass and point them straight. I have one on the back glass kind of pointed at an angle and then the other one on the side pointed onto the rocks.
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    Do I really need a protein skimmer?

    I feel your pain. When gas prices go down you can bet Ill be getting one pretty soon but I dont see that happening. :headwally:
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    ArrowCrabs Good or Bad?

    From what I've heard, any small fish are game for them and they will eat corals. If your chromis are a decent size and youre not going to have any smaller fish and/or corals Id say go for it. My only concern would be that at night if a small chromis sleeps on a rock he may be in danger.
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    Calcium blocks; anyone use them?

    I wouldnt use it. If someone put that in my tank I would probably strangle them.
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    Do I really need a protein skimmer?

    hope i dont get jumped on for saying this but... I am running my tank skimmerless. All fish are alive and healthy and my clam, monti caps, softies are growing. My candy canes grow like crazy and I have to keep fragging it every couple months. But if you have the cash to get one, I would. I...
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    are ghost shrimp nutritional?

    cool cool. I figured that if I kept some and fed them well it would work like that. Might consider breeding in the future. Not yet though.