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  • kcress has not made any friends yet. surely this is an untruth. anywho have updated my build thread. just fyi. have a goodun.

    I am trying to build my own LED lighting. I have been following your thread "LED lighting on a budget!". I have a question about dimming.

    From your example: we used 3.5 volts and .7A. You said to add dimming I need to add voltage change at the supply. By changing the voltage, will that change the current? Because if it does, I am thinking about just doing the calculation to the max (1A and 3.7v), this way I can use the max and min dimming.
    Like the work could you give me a call I have a detailed question and I'm a two finger typer.

    hi kcress, I was following along with your build tonight with my friends, and we want to see the rest of it. I only get up to page 26 when you are figuring out your flow rate and returns. Can you send my a link to the rest of the thread, or some pics of the finished tank and set up.
    Thanks, email is junkmymaill@yahoo.com
    could you please tell me what would be a minimum number of blue and white leds i should start with to make my 55 gallon, fish only tank into a reef tank?
    Hi Kcress,

    I saw your thread and it just blows me away with your skill. Amazing job done. By the way, may i ask how much total that you spend for those 24 LED fixture in the thread? I got two layer tanks connected together that i am thinking of doing the LED project. The upper tank dimension is 36x36x18. The lower tank dimension is 36x36x14. I am thinking of two 24 LED fixture for each tank. I just want to know the cost estimate first and see if 24 led fixture is enough for my tanks size. Anyway, if you don't mind to let me know then i really appreciate that.

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