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    is there an easy way to do water changes?

    yes that could work but just a word of caution eventually all pumps wear out and some wear out at different rates so with that being said there might come a time were those two pumps will have different flow rates which will either A. take more water out the tank than they are putting in or B...
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    is there an easy way to do water changes?

    what we did is drill a hole in the tank seven inches down from the top of our 125 long tank and that drains 30 gallons of water out of a 3/4 bulkhead with ball valve and garden hose attachment and then we pumped the new saltwater from our mixing station into the sump and the return pump put the...
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    Sorry, the 5,000,000 thread on a tank with Algae Issues

    Your problem is nothing the tank is a new setup. with a tank this young it will always have some algae issues until the supply of silicates in the sand and rock are gone and with dosing two part you are suppose to only replace what you use daily so the way you were dosing was just fine but like...
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    Our 125 Tank

    well yall the tank is on auto polit while our son is here but we do have a update we will be getting some new corals on Fri including a rock nem. so we will post pics once everything gets here and decides to open up have a good day yall
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    Switching from Reefkeeper to Apex

    Tim I still want one of the pc4s please and thanks
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    21JUNE STARS Meeting!

    we might be there it depends a lot on work schedules and stuff like that
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    June meeting ????

    Just show up to the meeting
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    June meeting ????

    you d*** right it is holy crap
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    Switching from Reefkeeper to Apex

    ok let me talk to the wife she's the boss lol
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    Switching from Reefkeeper to Apex

    Tim can I just get one PC4 from you if I could just let me know thanks
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    Ecotech MP40 or Jebao WP40

    well if you ever sell those mp40s let me know and might even do a little bit of trade for the wp40 we have anyways have a good one
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    ok while I agree with most of your post the proteins and other organic materials are not absorbed by the bubbles at all. the materials adhere to the bubbles and then the bubbles carry them to the top of your reaction chamber so to speak and once the bubble pops that is when the materials are...
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    Planning out a 240 Starfire Inwall Build

    it looks good I nominate your house for the next meeting lol JK but it looks good
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    Planning out a 240 Starfire Inwall Build

    I already knew about the pecking order and territories and such but what I did realize was how long the tank had been established but that is a nice group of fish now we just need a full tank shot to see them all