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    LF Corals

    Im getting my tank back in order and am looking for some corals. Some euphilias,montis,zoas,palys, maybe some slimers or something on the easier side. LMK, I can pick up tomorrow or this weekend. Thanks.
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    Coral for sale! Need gone by Sunday

    Id take the starburst monti if you still have it. LMK. can replay here or text me at 3147767444 and ask for Dave.
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    SLASH Spring Frag Swap-Saturday, March 7th! Oakville Elks Lodge

    Just heard about this yesterday. think I'll stop by and say helli!
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    2020 SLASH T Shirt Order!

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    LF Radion hanging kits.

    Hoping someone has a couple Radion hanging kits laying around theyre looking to sell before I bite the bullet and buy them at retail. :sad2:
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    Yea they're gen1. I'm looking for gen 3.
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    Sorry man,this is the first time I've been able to get back with you. I was planning on contacting you today about getting them this week. I'm definitely not interested in pharos. I'll keep looking for radions. If you want to sell the radions lmk.
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    That's not a bad price at all. I'll send you a PM.
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    Yea, Im not looking for pricey. Thanks though. lolz
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    Same tanks Ive had/have in my signature bro,theyre just in a state of deprivation that's embarrassing. Hoping getting some new lights and **** will help motivate my *** to get things going again now that the kitchen renovation is finished. I called them. they dont have what Im looking for...
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    Gonna try and motivate myself into getting my tanks back into presentable fashion. That being said I'm getting rid of the MH and looking into a few radions. Anyone have a few for sale? (3) by chance? If someone has one or two I'd be willing to start there as well. Thanks!