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    tank cycling

    There are ways to shorten the first part of the process (ammonia to nitrites), but there are no processes, short of starting with a tank full of live rock, that will shorten the second stage (nitrite to nitrate). The second stage will take many weeks. Those type of bacteria just grow a lot...
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    Advise wanted on skimmer or algae scrubber

    Not so, I have looked at them in depth and I am building a commercial scale aquaponics system on my farm. Now admittedly, there are differences :) , but it takes a lot of plants (or algae) to take up nitrate and phosphate produced by feeding even a relatively small number of fish. I am not...
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    Fallow period for cryptocaryon irritans (ich)

    I just love when this topic comes up, but I will never understand why there is such a debate. Let's assume for a second that one is quarantining all incoming fish, because if you are not then being in this conversation is an intellectual endeavor only. If you are quarantining and you are...
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    Alk Swing, but not Calc....

    Alkalinity is burned off as a part of nitrification. This is why some form of alkalinity is added to tanks even in fresh water. You will likely need to adjust alkalinity separate from calcium.
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    tank cycling

    All you need to do is leave it alone for about 6 weeks except for monitoring for nitrites and nitrates and you only need to do that so you have something do and know when the cycle is going. When the nitrites are gone and nitrates begin climbing, the cycle is underway. At that point, do a 100%...
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    Advise wanted on skimmer or algae scrubber

    I would invest in a good protein skimmer and build a salt water exchange system. Algae scrubbers sound like a good idea, but the math is all off, you would need a couple 4ftx12ft saltwater artificial grow beds (growing who knows what) to remove any decent amount of nitrates from a 240 gallon...
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    Floor and tank weight

    You will want to call a local building contractor who will ask you the weight and the exact footprint and location in your house. After he looks at the structure and does some calculations, he will let you know what to do. Don't pay an engineer extra. If the contractor will be doing the work...
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    Best place to buy whole frozen seafood for Fish food

    yeah, I have noticed a big difference in how healthy (and full) my small reef fish are since I started stocking the predator tank in the system. After the big guys get their's, I mince up the leftovers for the little ones. Its a feeding frenzy. Before I started stocking the pred tank, I was...
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    Best place to buy whole frozen seafood for Fish food

    Trader Joe's seems to be about what I am looking for. There is one close to me. I happened to stop by a Publix today and talked to the Fresh seafood guy. I can pretty order whatever I want and they will get it. They have a pretty massive list of wild caught fish and shell fish including (not...
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    Best place to buy whole frozen seafood for Fish food

    Does anyone have recommendations for the best place to buy whole frozen seafood for fish food. Shrimp are available everywhere, but squid and small crabs are little more of challenge. Ideally, it would be a frozen mix, but separate is good too. Keith
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    Skimmer size question

    Your MR6 is way too large for your existing system, but should be just about right for your new system. These are large turnover skimmers meant to remove gunk from large systems as quickly as possible. Fine tuning is slightly less of a concern than how fast in can remove stuff once you put it...
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    Water exchange as only filtration

    You will have two issues: 1. Finding a pump or set of pumps to do this that can more or less run constantly without burning out. (tried it) There are peristaltic pumps that will do this at the rate you will need, but they are very expensive even compared to most of the expensive hobby pumps. 2...
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    KORALIA Magnum Magnet Mount Disintergrated

    Has anyone else had an issue with an internal magnet mount disintegrating? I have been using the Hydor pumps for a number of years without much issue other than replacing them every 2 years. I have a magnum (I think it is a 3250) that must have hit the 3 year mark without notice. Then it...
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    anyone done jellyfish?

    The LaFishguy has been setting Jellyfish tanks and I believe his goal is to sell them. It would be good to check out the videos. I think he is using Moon Jellies.
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    how to transfer rocks with aiptasia

    Wow, I just now saw which country. Boiling for several hours outdoors away from people is the simplest. Just don't forget that everything in the tank needs some sort of treatment or you will put the cleaned rocks back in and suddenly you will have aiptasia growing on them again. Namaste.