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    oh no......not another mantis tank start-up!

    24" x 24" x 12" high. 10 gallon sump. We will be getting rock and sand in the next couple weeks. Special thanks to Iggy (ignatz) for the free holes. wait...what? Stay tuned! :crazy1:
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    Looking for a 30 or 40 gallon breeder

    Thanx for the heads up! Gonna stop by today!
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    Looking for a 30 or 40 gallon breeder

    Hi All, Guess who's back! Just as the title says. We're gonna set up a mantis tank. Drilled or not, clean or not! Thanx, Keith and Tracy
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    Purple hornets

    are you kidding? My dad can beat up your dad!
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    Sittin at home is sooooo boring!

    i think some of these people are counting pennies. is this a way to show your wealth? we (keithntracy) are very lucky to have good jobs, if i lost mine it would surely be penny counting time.
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    What in thwe world is this...

    Looks like one of those polyclad flatworms. Someone correct me if thats wrong. :-)
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    Free 12g nano

    wait, you took a 450 down to put up a 300??? lol...
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    Free 12g nano

    lol..ok. thanks!!
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    Free 12g nano

    Very cool! look forward to seeing it. Did you trah the worm rocks?? haha
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    Free 12g nano

    Thanks guys! Hope you put it to good use! Hey Brian, How are you guys? When you coming to see the beast?