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  • I live in Kemp Mill, so I go to Tropical Lagoon. I like the funk of the place. It's dirty and wild, but very friendly and seem to have healthy livestock. My tank is new; I just got back to the hobby a 10 year hiatus. I used to live in Chicago and was involved in the club there, which was very active. I had a 29 that I upgraded to 80 over the course of 5 years before I moved and sold the whole thing.
    Hey, I see you're in Gaithersbug. I'm in Silver Spring - do you know of reef aquarium clubs in Montgomery County?
    nothing. I've checked online databases for suits filed by Xenia in the last few months (all courts, U.S.), and there are none against me. It was total B.S. They're pretty much fools either way it could have gone. Had they sued me, they would have looked like fools for having done so in response to someone telling the truth about the crappy way they treated a customer; not having sued me, they look like fools for having threatened to do so and demanding $1,000 from me.
    Any update on the Xenia letter? I cannot find the thread anymore in the feedback forum, I assume RC removed it probabaly due to some threats by Xenia/AS.

    I have put up an update regarding the aquarium specialty matter. scott stiffed me 98 bucks on the refund; xenia sent a letter (it was from Dominique Gilbert; I suspect that is Phil's brother) threatening to sue me for libel and disclosing material received in confidence and demandig that I pay THEM $1,000. additionally, he demanded that i retract the thread and put up a post stating that everything had been settled satisfactorily. I don't think so.
    just do a search under Kengar and you should see a couple links. I believe I deleted the linked-to charts on some but not the others, so you should see something. I have found that they only last about two or three weeks. Other people have put up subsequent posts linking to sites where you can buy the scrubber material (soda lime, not carbon) in bulk and refill cartridges. hth

    I saw your refferal about the C)2 scrubber on premium aquatics.com
    You mention that you post the results on reef central. can you give me a link to your chart?

    Also, do you know what the media is? obviously not carbon.......

    Thanks Steve
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