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    Looks like the Reef Nazis came through content removed
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    Metal Halide glass.

    You need a glass if it is a DE as they are not UV shielded, otherwise it is better to not have it, however you risk breaking your $60+ bulb if you have jumping fish
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    Post removed.
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    Am I losing return GPH with large pipes?

    ;) Yeah I specifically work with Coiled Tubing, so my work is mostly with pipe friction and such ;)
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    Am I losing return GPH with large pipes?

    That isnt how water pressure works, I can explain if you want but believe me that the 3 ft of 5" pipe pushes down exactly the same as 3 ft of .0000001" pipe, but you will get way more volume of water going through the 5" because of the wall friction.
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    Am I losing return GPH with large pipes?

    Huh, it makes no sense to drop to a smaller size, the only possible reason would be to increase the velocity of the water coming out the returns slightly, and this can be much better accomplished with some nozzles, I would not change the plumbing size unless I was doing it all anyways and needed...
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    Tank tear down-Live Stock for sale

    Has the betta ever ate anything in your tank?
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    250 Watt Ice Cap MH ballast work with Iwasaki 6500k Bulb?

    No, I just happen to have one because I have some older ballasts I got as a part of a package and that seems to be all they will fire. It's yellow, but with some actinic PC it isn't unbearable, I prefer 12k bulbs myself though, can;t comment on growth sorry.
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    250 Watt Ice Cap MH ballast work with Iwasaki 6500k Bulb?

    if you PM me on monday I will check when my new icecap ballasts get here
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    where do i find bulk heads?

    Animal attractions, neptunes on 120th and, call ahead and see if they have the size you need though.
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    Will the mogul in this HPS fixture fit a 250w MH?

    I was wondering if the mogul bases for the HPS and for MH are the same and if I could buy this fixture, sell the ballast and bulbs, and put in aquarium appropriate lighting (i have new icecap 250w ballasts I could put in them. Is anyone familiar...
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    dont know what this is

    Your rocks have chlamydia, sorry. Dunno, a clam?
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    Bulk Reef Supply group buy.

    If you go to their page, the lower of the two prices is the Group buy price