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  • Hello Kharn. Im interested in starting a tank with a G smithii. I was wondering If u could help me a bit? Ive never had a Mantis before so i want some info from the Master ;) If interested:
    Expressions of interest in orange ricordea yuma x 2 approx 1.5 - 2 inches. Sydney nsw au. I just registered 5mins ago and have no idea how to attach pics. I only saw your interest in ricks on an only post and sadly need to sell my corals
    Would it be possible to PM me as I don't have the minimum 10 posts yet and my lack of experience means that any post I'd make would have to be ill-informed or spam.
    hey mate
    know of anyone selling a oeacock mantis
    ive been searching for years
    Kharn, whats the highest light intensity you've kept you mantis in? was there any ill effects?
    Kharn, I want to add a Lysiosquillina maculata to my collection, but I am unsure of the depth of sand needed and also type of sand to use (sugar or little bigger). Thanks.
    Kharn, hi my name is Matthew and I am curious with your range of mantis shrimp, have you had any crack glass? I am thinking about housing a peacock in a biocube 29. Thanks!
    Had an idea come to me this weekend for you. A buddy of mine makes fiberglass molds for car parts and in the process he made a mold that I could see lining with glue then poring sand into. Once the glue or epoxy dries you could pore the sand out and you'd be left with half of a sand cave that could be placed along the wall of a tank then fill the sand in around the outside of the cave and bam you got a cave for a spearor built along the front of the tank glass. I know in the past you scraped this idea due to the materials not working out for you, and the thought that the mantis would add sand to the glass but this may solve the material part of the equation. Now to solve the sand on the glass problem check out these magnets by two little fishies problem number two may be solved aswell.good luck
    i just realized that your avatar is of a mantis shrimp! o_O

    it looked like an octopus all this time lol
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