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    Mandarin vs Leopard Wrasse

    Being finicky eaters is the reason theyre considered a difficult species. For every 1 person who has an easy time with them 100's find out the hard way they cant support them. Im glad you've experienced general success with them. I just think it easier to acclimate a leopard then ensuring your...
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    Mandarin vs Leopard Wrasse

    Yes in the right tank . I didnt say mandarin s were undoable just that Leopard wrasses have a better chance at long term survival for most. As getting a Leopard established is usually their biggest hurdle as compared to mandarins issue usually being starving a few months down the road
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    Mandarin vs Leopard Wrasse

    Leopard will be your best bet for long term success. Fairly hardy once established especially in comparison to a mandarin
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    Best WRASSE for a 40b?

    As someone whos had a melanurus in a 40 breeder let me just say that in my opinion. they are fine untill they hit adult size and then you might find theyre a bit rowdy and hard on the CUC for a 40B.
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    clown fish and ammonia/nitrite

    Chromis are used to cycle tanks because that used to be an old outdated method hobbyists use before we fully understood how cycling a tank worked. they are just a species tough enough to survive the damage while its cycling, usually. Take the fish out or Treat with ammo lock to make the ammonia...
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    Something my LFS told me, BS or truth?

    I think you misunderstood me. Alot of the stuff you mentioned is the exact reason im saying to quarantine everything With proper application of TTM and observation.
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    Something my LFS told me, BS or truth?

    As a few other posters have mentioned here almost any LFS has a HUGE chance of having ich in their systems. Nature of the game, The turnover rate on fish is such that its almost guranteed ich will get in eventually and highly unlikely tanks will ever be left fallow long enough to be ich free...
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    Refugium Critters

    First pic definitely looks like aiptasia to me.
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    Yellow clown goby not eating

    Have you tried adding garlic? that combined with mixing live brine with frozen Got my Citron Clown goby(yellow with neon stripes) eating and established, he's as fat as can be now, though he still spits out food sometimes i think its just part of their eating habits. I've seen alot of clown...
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    Setting up a quarantine tank, a couple questions

    just a friendly heads up. 60 gallons is nowhere near enough for a blue or yellow tang let alone both. not for the longterm anyway.
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    can a blue mushroom coral heal?

    yeah definitely not the way id do it but i could see it working, not the original video i watched but this guy tried it as too: says it worked but not to the degree he would have liked.
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    can a blue mushroom coral heal?

    mushroom corals? pfft. When i worked at my local fish store my manager showed me a video of someone throwing their mushroom corals into a blender, chopping them up and them pouring them back into their tank, few months later shrooms were EVERYWHERE. you'll be fine.
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    Green hair algae on sand and fish dying

    do you quarantine the stuff that you get from the sand bar? im not saying it has anything to do with your issues just genuinely curious. i live in florida so i've considered grabbing some native fauna myself but i've heard horror stories of hobbyists grabbing handfuls of what appeared to be red...
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    Don't post much but wanted to show off my 75.

    i know its been posted a million times but wow that clam is big and pretty!
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    Video of pistol shrimp duel (Also: Are they crab killers?)

    Dang thats alot of hitchhikers. the bad kind too. good thing you gottem all out, the noise musta been driving you crazy! friend of mine had one when he first set up his tank and ripped it apart looking for him cause it was so noisy.