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  • Oh haha. Guess your not that close. Yeah I heard of tampa bay live rock from someone local just recently. I actually placed my order yesterday for 100 lbs or Reef Rocks dry rock. They are a new RC sponsor. They have their own forum where you can see their stuff or you can go to I haven't seen your build but I will look it up right now.
    I'm on the other coast, Orlando Florida. Look me up if you and the family are ever vacationing. Have you checked out Tampa bay live rock yet?? It's awesome if you're doing a slow build! You can watch all the hitchhikers good-and-bad come out. There's an awesome 400 gal build on Canada reef where he uses it. Did you get a chance to see my build? My LEDs are going to be bad-***; even of they take me a month to complete.
    That's what's holding me up as well. I can't use any of the money from my paycheck. I have to go out and do side jobs to earn money to build. I also had to renovate the house in the process. wood floors throughout and a completely new kitchen.

    So far I have 96 leds, drivers, MP60 (based on a study its the best bang for your buck) [reef][builders][dot]com/2011/07/13/propeller-pump-study-reveals-big-differences-flow-ratings-actual-output/ and some other misc stuff.

    Here's my build so far

    How much did the wire duct cost you?

    I couldn't PM >less than 10 posts
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