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    40 Breeder setup FS

    Take All for $500 PM me for details and pics. 40 breeder Tank stand canopy led lights 20 tall sump return pump wave maker dual Doser brs reactor x2 bubble magus skimmer and a lot more. Also includes LS LR corals. This is a running setup. Please PM for details.
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    WTB: Rock

    I have 2 bucket of rock for free.
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    Plenum System

    Used to run it when I have a larger tank years ago and I swear by it. I loved it. The next time I set up a larger tank it'll be a plenum system.
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    Live Rock $1 a lb

    Hi. It's still available but it's already dead rock. 50 cents a pound
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    Live Rock $1 a lb

    I have 2 bucketful of live rocks I took out of my tank last night and is for sale. It's more than 50 lbs but I'll take $50 for it but must be picked up by wed noon. Will be going out of town Thursday.
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    Algae scrubber

    Algae scrubber for sale pm me for pictures 150 obo
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    FS: 120 Gallon Oceanic Tech tank, Vortech, Aqua controller, etc! - Chicago

    Are you sure you have the right dimensions? 4x4x2 is more like a 240 gal 4x2x2 is a 120
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    Jecod dp-2

    Anyone know how to fix the display of this doser? It has power and the screen lit up but nodisplay.
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    125 Gallon complete set up

    How much for the pooch?
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    You want it Mike?
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    FS: Live Rock, Skimmer, and etc

    You're still holding the salt for me?
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    3 buckets of sand. Theven sand has been kept in the bucket sealed airtight for about 6 years. I just opened it today as I was cleaning the garage and I was bracing for a bad sewer smell but to my surprise, it didn't smell that bad, in fact you can't smell it unless you put your nose and inch...
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    Anyone still around

    Hey Jim, you still want some sand?
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    Anyone still around

    Even the beefmeister is gone. From my neighborhood that is.