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  • hi kingfish, i have a bubble coral and not sure what it is up to. can you tell me, video on youtube (bubble coral help, name nick mitchell)
    Hi kingfisher62 I have a polyclad flatworm in my tank and have a post about it, do you have any idea how to remove it?
    Your welcome and nice to meet ya!
    Ah , I am just giving you the illusion that I know what I am talking about. I had freshwater tanks for a few decades and decide to move on to marine tanks 8 years ago.
    Believe me I asked all the same questions when I started. Great community here with a lot of good advice. best of luck with your new tank!
    Talk to ya later,
    Cool. Well I may be getting a 75 which I think is plenty for a foxface. I was going to go with the 55 because my sis is giving it to me, but people keep suggesting to sell it and get a 75 gal. Gosh... sometimes I feel like I've committed to do it a certain way and people talk you into to doing something else. Guess that's how this hobby is. Thanks for the advice!!! P.S. You have any videos of your aquarium?
    Welcome to reef central!
    Keeping a foxface in a 55g is a little contravercial here but I never had any issues. If it got to it's maximum size you might need to consider a larger home for it. I have bought mine small. I lost my first one to some stray voltage from a defective powerhead it was about five inches. the one I have now is about four inches both seemed happy in the tank.
    I would suggest starting with the clowns and the royal gramma and hold off on the foxface till your tank is alittle more established with some algae for it to graze on.
    But that's my opinion.
    Hey! Just joined the forum and stumbled upon a thread where you talk about your foxface and corals. I'm starting a 55 gal build with 29 gallon sump/fuge. The foxface is a fish I would love to have but thought it may be too large for a 55. But I guess you don't have any problems with it. You also have clownfish and a royal gramma, both of which I was wanting to add to my reef system when the time comes. I only have equipment right now, started a 55 gallon build in the new hobbyist section if you'd like to check it out and offer advice. Just thought I'd pick your brain about that, hope you don't mind.
    He asked me! He asked me!
    Getting ready for the big substrate change. lots of differing opinions out there. I am going w/ marine sand & aragonite. Checked the forums and spoke at length w/ the guy at Oceans. I can't afford 100% aragonite. he says not to go too deep, may be contributing to nitrate prob., plus the fact that coarse coral traps everything. both clowns have ich, i put them in a dip but I doubt they'll survive. Goby seem ok at this point. probably a good time for a major change in the tank anyway. Good news is the shrooms are looking better and i found a button polyp on LR far awy from the original colony. YAY!
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