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  • HELLO! Hope all is well. I wish I could figure out how to post pictures (not sure how to generate a 'link' vs. just uploading a picture from my computer)....I've been wanting to let you know the piece "sunset" (maybe?? and for the official name...I'm at a total loss) has already begun coloring up (florescent orange with yellow polyps). :)
    Hi, it's Sam :). Thanks again for all of your help time and time again!!! I'm thrilled I found tis AZ group with your help.
    hey kirsten i was just wondering if you would be apposed to me donating a light to use at the upcoming prop auction (60" led) just so everyone could see what the corals look like. i know some people have little flashlights, but some dont and i think it would help out the auction and allow people to see what the corals really look like. Let me know...thanks...fragaroo.
    Hey, good to see a name i recognize. I am going to engage the hoppy once again after a five your exit from SPS. I have already lost 3 points from RC. Somebody on the sight reached out to RC and told them that one of my threads was not ok because I did not have a price listed for every item. It is good to see that somethings never change. Same little *******s still engaged in this hobby and tons on this site. To bad. Not one of the things that i missed. How have you been?
    where is the prop auction on the 17 of july. what is the address of the location. and what time dose it start.
    Do you think the 48" T5 fixture by Frick for $30 is a good deal? I'm thinking about setting my tank up as a swim tank with maybe some softies. Thanks,
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