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    Are maroon clowns generally more aggressive?

    I have a 5" Gold Stripe Maroon and he spars with my 12" Sohal Tang. Id say he has some very large Cahonas!
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    Australomussa Rowleyensis

    Acan Maxima? It looks like some type of Chalice judging by the growth pattern. Very nice!!!
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    New zoos - ID help

    Orange Bam Bams maybe? Hmm
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    Skimmer Question could use some help!

    I thank you for your responses. I was thinking along the lines of your suggestions. It's funny I've had the tank running for more than two years and never played around with the screw on the top. This concern I have is of importance to me because my tank has forever suffered from high Nitrates...
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    Sad Story.. over 1000 fish dead

    Thank God I don't wanna read any sad stuff like that anyways.
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    Scored this bad boy at the LFS today PICS

    How the heck did you get that home without breaking it?! Very nice piece! My LFS (only one within 2 hrs driving distance) never has anything like that!
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    Questions on mixing salt

    Yeah the general rule of thumb is half a cup of salt per gallon of water. I usually get a SG of around 1.025 when mixing in this manner
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    Skimmer Question could use some help!

    Hey everyone, ok here goes...I have a Bermuda protein skimmer. I think it is model 3C but I doubt that's important. This might be a dumb question but here goes. My collection cup has a screw fitting on the side of the unit and also one on the top of the unit. I currently have the fitting on the...
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    Corals again

    Ill take the Fungia if you'll ship it to me. Please consider. Thanks, Chris lmk
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    Specific Gravity Poll

    1.032 I love it!
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    shrivleing RBTA

    I have 4 of these anemones. I've had them for 4+ years and they do this every once in awhile. It is either expelling wastes or may have been bumped or stressed by a fish or Crab or something. I wouldn't worry about it. Should be fine
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    Corals again

    Interested in the Frogspawn if you will consider shipping it