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  • Hello Klaus,
    my name is Pedro and I´m living in Portugal.
    I have a Mini BBK-180 e and I need to buy a new pump for this skimmer (110w/60Hz)
    Actualy the skimmer is in my aquarium in Brasil. I don´t know, but my friend told me that it´s not working anymore. He sent to an specialist and he couldn´t fix.
    Anyway, what should I do to buy only the original pump for this skimmer?

    Thanks a lot

    Hope you are well? I am about to setup a large reef aquarium (3000litres) and will have a closed loop system, I am looking for two pumps to drive this, initially i was thinking Deltec HLP pumps but then i learned of your Red Devil II Titanium pumps, these caught my eye due to the flow and external controller. I then learned of the recently launched Blue Eco range. What are the advantages of this range over the RD range control wise ansd i also read you were developing Ocean Simulator software? Aplogies on assuming blue eco is one of your products if it is not!
    Hello Klaus,
    I was told by Steve at Nemo Marine Systems that you might be able to help me out with my Red dragon pump I am having problems with. I just took over service on a tank that has a Red Dragon return pump not sure exactly what model but it does over 3000rpm. I keep getting
    "P to P Short" warning and can't get it to start up. I have no documentation on this pump and have no idea what is going on. Any help or direction I should go in would be appreciated.
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