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  • I recently put together an 80 gallon frag tank. The tank is a Deep Blue Edge 80 Gallon rimless. It came with a Durso standpipe. I cannot get the Durso to stop making noise. The gurgling in the sump as bad news. I have tried adding water, speeding up the return, slowing down the return, raising the water in the corner over flow, lower the water in the corner overflow.

    I notice when I place my finger on the hole on the cap, it turns the pipe into a syphon and the water flows down the overflow until the mouth of the returns elbow. When I release my finger from the hole, the water rises again and passes through the "sweet spot" where the noise stops.

    I haven't a clue what to do to fix this and am trying randomly to no avail. Any suggestions here would be greatly appreciated.
    Didn't want to ask this question on a thread. I could picture the answer. "For the 100th time..." But why don't PNs happen on the weekend?
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