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  • Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I had my shop welder make mine. There was someone in Downey or Bellflower that was making them I think. Have you searched in the Southern California forum?

    I would think that any fab shop could make one if you had a plan drawn up. You won't regret a metal stand, much better than a wooden one, just be sure to coat it well.
    Hi.. I saw an old post of your metal aquarium stand. Do you know any good metal fab resources in Southern California who make stands? I need to get one made for a 300gal tank (96" x 30" x 24"). Appreciate any info you can provide..
    Trust me Ha ha ha................. I have a used car in great shape for you!

    OK, back to reality, yes I'm a member of SCMAS. I haven't been to the meetings the last two months due to work but am planning on being at RAP and the next meeting. Does Greg need a name, or do you need me to order it for you?

    Let me know because I'm working tomorrow all day and night, and go on Vacation Thursday thru Sunday. Next week I'm out Thursday for surgery, and won't be around for a week after that.

    It's no problem, just let me know.

    I also haven't been around RC much due to work, this year just sucks!
    Ken! What's up! Hey man...got a question for you. Are you a member of SCMAS? I'm looking to change out my lighting system and get some lights at Reefgeek.com and Greg told me that he gives discounts to active and paying members of SCMAS. Since i'm not a member, i was looking for someone who is and that i could trust.

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