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    lighting for bta

    You don't have to feed the nem weekly either. I've been feeding mine 1x a month lately. I feed it PE mysis, oyster eggs (which I feed my acans and I just happen to give to the nem as well) and small chunks from a homemade blend of all kinds of stuff. Mine is a little lighter, but it isn't...
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    Lost a green BTA today :(

    In just the few seconds it took me from getting mine from the acclimation bucket to the tank mine had mine hand. It stuck to the rock right away. So I would also venture to guess that it wasn't healthy to begin with. I see your alk is 7.7. I don't know where you got your nem from, but some...
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    Are you kidding me!!!!!

    I have the foam covers for both my mp10's. I would NOT run a tank with a nem without powerhead covers. Even when I sent my Vortech's back for them to work on I covered a Seio intake with filter floss and secured it with zip ties. Yes it was a little extra work, but I also have clowns that I...
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    Help to get nem off rock

    I would wait a couple more weeks just for good measure. It does take awhile for them to heal and feeding them before they are quite ready to take it isn't good either. Time my friend, time.
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    Just added a clown! Question??

    No it's fine. Every once in awhile I siphon some of my sand, which stirs it a bit.
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    40 breeder build thread. It's centered around my clownfish!

    Didn't realize that I didn't link my perplexed thread in my build thread. Clyde is still larger than Bonnie and they are still getting along, so together they will remain. If I have to separate them in the future, I will try to pair...
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    Acan Lords always open

    mine are always open too
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    Minimalist Aquascaping

    I don't think 4" is truly deep enough for dsb?
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    Rather perplexed...he is larger than she

    Yes this is rather interesting. I will definitely try to post if anything happens or changes with them :) Thanks for the input guys/gals
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    Rather perplexed...he is larger than she

    These are about the best I could come up with: In this first, he isn't a whole lot closer to me. He is just outside the nem. I threw in some food to get them to come out together and by eachother. Video...
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    Rather perplexed...he is larger than she

    Could be. I took some pictures and a video. Will load them on computer and see if any shows the comparison well. They are hard to As far as I know Bonnie is a percula and clyde is an occy/perc mix(I think that's what Sanjay's original pair was).
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    Rather perplexed...he is larger than she

    The Sanjay's was in a tank with other clowns. Bonnie had a mate at one point. I don't know for sure how long Bonnie was alone. She was dominant right away when these two were placed together.
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    How many clownfish can i put in a 75gallon setup ?

    Tomato's are naughty fish tho. I wouldn't expect them to last with other clowns. The guy I referred to has either occy's or perc's. Not sure which ones exactly. Both have comparable temperament though.
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    How many clownfish can i put in a 75gallon setup ?

    I have a friend that has had 4 clowns in his 75g tank for some time now. No all out wars yet. It's been at least 7 months, so not much time in the grand scheme of things.
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    Rather perplexed...he is larger than she

    I have a Sanjay's Black Photon and a Platinum Picasso clownfish pair. They have been together over a year and are both at least 2 years old. Clyde, my male, is now larger than the female (Bonnie who is the Platinum). He is still submissive to her and she still rules the roost. Has anyone...