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    Live Rock question...

    no need to add anything unless whats already been said above..
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    Can I see some Pictures of Platnium Black Ice Clowns ?

    Looking to see your Platnium Black Ice Clownfish if possible... Thanks, Keith
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    Which RO/DI to get ?

    MAXCAP from SpectraPure. the 90 GPD unit is awesome and only costs about $300 for a nice fully equipped machine!
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    25g Cube

    I love my cube, shame I gotta take it down though, moving SUCKS!
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    Do you use pre-mixed, or mix yourself?

    I use pre-mixed for my 27 cube... Works out so well...
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    Canopy Question

    I dont have any designs, But the canopy does rest on top of the tank, They have on my last two tanks... There ok as long as you dont build them super heavy... -Keith
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    Leather Coral rotting?

    If its turnin black, that is usually a bad sign. We would need the water test parameters to help some... Keith
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    mounting mushrooms

    Thats the truth!
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    Moving my xenias??

    Cut them as said above or peel em off with a finger nail, peeling em off always worked good for me... Keith
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    Trouble glueing ABS bulkheads to PVC

    I use the blue stuff, never ever an issue
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    water level in overflow

    Reduce the height of your overflow stand pipe, I'd assume.. I could be wrong though... Thats where I'd start trying though, its only pvc, find the right length that works for you...
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    Replacement Bulbs for 20" Current 6x18watt Fixture

    I know they are 18"-18watt... But what should I use for a good combo.... I'd like to replace all 6 if possible! Any and all help, always appreciated! -Keith PS: this is for the current usa fixture !
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    How to tone down blue from LEDs?

    Yeah, Ever since I got my LED's I cant take any tank pics... ahh... oh well..
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    Mangrove leaves.

    Here are my Mangroves, I believe they are the Red's... I would like to get a few Black ones as well... I got them all with barely one set of leaves, now 2-3 months later:
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    Beautiful Pictures of Beautiful Fish!