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  • Hello Kreeger1:

    I am researching actuators, Oceans Motions, and penductors for an upcoming build. In a thread I cam across, you posted the following:

    "penductors won't work with it in the same respect that they don't work with Ocean motion devices"

    you the added something to the effect of:

    "won't work well that is"

    My question: why? I'm guessing it might have something to do with the fact a pressure rated pump is required for the penductors and that these pumps in some way don't work with an actuator and/or OM very well? But that's just a guess. Any insights you could offer on why penductors might not work well with these devices would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much.

    LEAR is doing Great, its nice to just have a club minus drama and fighting. Come check out a meeting sometime and see if its a good fit for ya, I'm sure you know 2/3 or more of the members already.
    The club is putting on a frag swap this year too, feb 25th. info is at
    cya soon
    Hey Eric. I am finally set up in my new house and starting to get the itch to set up a tank again. Watching from the the outside in on C-Sea. I have no desires to get involved with the club anytime soon under current leadership. Hows the LEAR club doing?? I don't seem to see drama there. Ben
    Hello Kreeger1.

    I'm Doug Grisard, the current secretary for C-Sea, and would like to let you in on one of our latest projects.

    We are trying yo put together a list of all events in the area for our members, and would like to include any/all you have up and coming over at LEAR.

    If you would be so kind as to send any information you have on your future events to our webmaster, Cheryl, at we will be sure to get it posted. not only for the benefit of our members, but for the benefit of your club as well.

    I was told that posting here would be one of the easiest ways of contacting you.


    Doug Grisard
    C-Sea Secretary.
    Hi kreeger i was looking at to build a Sulfur Denitrator and seen what you used for the top were did you get it or did you make it ?
    I went to the critter at noon and got some, thanks for the offer though. Polyfilter is what's going to work over the carbon they said though. I'm using both and hoping for the best.
    Sagi shut it down for a few days, Lots of drama on c-sea he didn't want to spill over onto reeftools
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