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    LEAR Frag Fest '22?

    As per usual dealing with the Holiday inn has been a issue, it’s no longer the Holiday inn strongsville it’s now a Best Western plus. They didn’t have our info, deposit ect. I just worked things out Monday with them! We’re back on for Feb 26th 2022. I just didn’t make a big announcement...
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    Renton's Upgrade

    looking good
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    2 Man swap-- Feb. 27

    Parking lot thing?
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    Renton's Upgrade

    Your mermaid is getting tall
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    Renton's Upgrade

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    therman's SPS Collection

    Hey Tim, we booked February 27th 2021. Hope the world is back to somewhat normal by then.
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    LEAR frag fest 2021

    We booked next years date at the holiday inn strongsville again, 2/27/2021 from 11am til 4pm if your interested in early bird space message me, open booking for vendors is 6/15 happy reefing, Erik
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    therman's SPS Collection

    Hey Tim, I had a similar idea but haven't made my post yet. Rc was one of the first sites I found to learn and share on. I'm ready to move away from FB and go back to my origins. Nice post and see you next swap! Erik
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    CORA Frag Swap 2020

    On the calendar, not gonna miss it this year
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    LEAP LEAR is just around the corner!

    Less then a month away. Trader is blowing up
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    LEAP LEAR is just around the corner!

    Reeftrader is up and running for this years frag fest. LEAP LEAR is feb 29th ... From 11-4 at our usual location at the strongsville holiday inn. If your planning on staying over night Friday or Saturday contact the hotel direct 440-238-8800 and use code Lear for 79.00 discounted rooms...
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    Lear frag fest 2019

    New vendors added to the list... Dirks dry goods, Cheesy corals, Greg's Corals and Fritz!!! about 2 weeks away!!!
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    Lear frag fest 2019

    First 50 paid attendees get a bag of salt from Fritz! we added a booth for Fritz and Gregs Corals as well see you in a month!!!
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    New Coral Shop?!