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  • Ok great you are about an hr away from me. This weekend is already way to busy. So is next weekend good or would you prefer to ship it? Happy and safe new year to you.
    The rock is in Walton Hills. Again, not sure on how much is there "pound" wise, but it is a significant amount for a 125g tank. There are probably 20 or so total pieces. Some larger, but more small-mid size. I'll be at the house this coming Saturday and you could pick it up then if you'd like.
    where are you located? My tank wont see water until Feberaru or so so I can just let the rock dry out. How my rock is there?
    I've taken down the tank and the rock was pretty well covered with this thick moss like algae. It's currently in the process of drying out and would need to be cleaned up. You could have it all for $50. Not sure how much in terms of weight there is, but the rocks fill up an entire 20g brute trash can.

    I ordered a tank last week. how much for the live rock? Im not planning on water in my tank until late February so i can dry it out and acid bath it
    I have a 125g aqueon RR that will be coming down in the next two weeks. Bought new in summer 2015. I have the tank, stand, canopy and a custom sump build by Joel from the former Triton Marine Aquaculture. Also have an ATI sunpower 6 bulb T5, 60" light. The light is rough but works. Needs new bulbs.

    I'm in the process of moving my fish to a new aquarium in a new house, that should be completed by 10/16 or 10/17. I would also have all the liverock from this tank, but there is algae nd not sure if youd want to use it, or dry/clean first.

    $1500/obo for everything. Tank, stand, canopy, ATI, Sump/plumbing, and the liverock. If you want pictures I can text you some. 440-821-8338.

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