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    FOR SALE: 48" Coralife Aqualight Elite 2x250w MH 2x96w Actinic

    Hey guys.. I have these lights posted in the main buying/selling forum. Asking $350, but willing to entertain other offers. PM me with questions.
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    FOR SALE: 48" Coralife Aqualight Elite 2x250w MH 2x96w Actinic

    Hey guys.. I'm in Nashville, but I visit the Knoxville area quite frequently. I have the following light fixture for sale. Asking $350, but willing to entertain other offers. PM for questions.
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    Selling my stuff - 90g acrylic setup

    I am selling my setup that I never used. It's sat in my garage for 2 years and collected dust and is now in my storage unit taking up costly space. Here is a link to my build thread for pictures. I have.. 90 gallon acrylic bought from...
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    OT: NEED Cat Owners Advice!!!

    I've had a cat for about 7 years and for the first 3 he was and indoor/outdoor cat. When we moved, he became an indoor cat so he was de-clawed. I've regretted doing that to him ever since. It was pitiful watching him recover after having it done... I will never do it again to another cat.
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    BRS Group Buy / Coral Group Buy

    I'm in for a group buy.
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    And quick video of same sunrise here..
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    Hana Bay.. Hana, Maui, Hawaii
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    Show me your favorite pic ever!

    I've contributed once already, but I have a new favorite from my recent trip to Hana, Maui, Hawaii.. Sunrise over Hana Bay...
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    Maui Ocean Center

    Thanks! There are more uploading as we speak.. it's a little slow since apparently those pictures are huge.
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    Maui Ocean Center

    More pictures from the trip to Hawaii. I got the snorkeling pictures developed but none of them turned out so well, but we visited the Ocean Center in Maui and saw some pretty cool things. I still like Waikiki Aquarium better, though.
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    Corals for sale (including RBTA ;) )

    Dang! I would love that RBTA, but I'm just not ready for it yet... 90 is still in the works.. have to work out some leak issues. Perhaps I'll take you up on the next split if you decide to sell :)
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    Waikiki Aquarium

    Glad you guys like the pictures! I totally agree that we should have a meeting here at some point :) I'll have some snorkeling pictures up soon. I've seen a ton of Tangs, Triggers, Boxfish and a few Moorish Idols. I'll post the link to those when I get them developed.
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    Waikiki Aquarium

    Hey guys... thought I'd share some pictures from the Waikiki Aquarium I took yesterday. They have some pretty awesome tanks. Enjoy!