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    Devoted Reefer 250

    Dad of the year goes to... Well said buddy
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    Free corals

    Such an awesome looking tank!
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    LF: bunny cage

    oops old thread lol
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    LF: bunny cage

    i have a bunny cage its about its this one minus the rollers... lmk if you are interested
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    Solitude's Small part of the Ocean

    Wow awesome shots dude!
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    WTB: Xenia, GSP, Cloves

    for sure, i will let you know thanks :D
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    WTB: Xenia, GSP, Cloves

    How much for the GHA?
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    WTB: Xenia, GSP, Cloves

    Hi all, willing to buy some Pom Pom Xenias, and GSP, and basically anything easy for my nieces tank, which is a pico tank, so don't need anything too crazy big. Preferrably around 91789 walnut area or surrounding areas. thanks. pm or text me 626 2seven4 44three4 thanks
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    Anyone here get paid to rock-scape?

    Ivan aka auntiecookie has a crazy rockscape using tonga branches, might wanna ask him
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    How is this possible!!!!!!!!

    is it reef safe tho? lol
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    HAPPY EARLY XMAX FOR ME my new buld ELOS 160xl

    looks good ivan! its coming along nicely!
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    NEED HELP: Return Pump Stopped Working

    thanks to all those that chimed in. I hope good reef karma comes to those that chimed in. Friend found one to borrow. MODS PLEASE CLOSE
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    NEED HELP: Return Pump Stopped Working

    Hey guys, My friends reeflo dart pump just gave out on him and doesn't have a back up one at this moment. If anyone can help, he is looking to borrow a dart pump or a large pump until he can get a new one. anything helps. thank you you can text me @ 62six 2seven4 44three4 thank you
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    I'm back baby! :-) new 25g...

    Welcome back!!! looks good!
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    WTB: Small size RBTA

    hey all like title says, looking to buy small size BTA or any nem so that my nieces clowns have something to host in. let me know what you got. located in 91789 text: 62six 2seven4 44three4 thanks