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    glass cages .com tank cracked, almost burned down my house. For real.

    What does polishing have to do with cracking?
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    carbon dosing with chemiclean

    The only time I have ever had cyano in my tank was during a period where I experimented with carbon dosing using NOPOX. Never again. Tank has been beautiful and cyano-free after that battle.
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    (please help) Uneven Wood Flooring and 240 gallons of water

    Once you get it set up the first time I would fill the tank with tap water and let it sit for a few days, then assess the level again and make adjustments as necessary.
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    What return pumps to use? Opinions requested.

    It's not that you can constantly change it, it's that you can set it to exactly what you want for regular and feed modes. You can use a valve on an AC pump to try to control flow but it will never be as precise and will be more prone to clogging and what not.
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    Red Sea Owners - I have questions

    1) The wood stand is not just painted, it has a veneer on it that is completely waterproof. Red Sea didn't "forget" about the issues related to tanks and sumps, they handled it appropriately. You won't have to worry about issues here. 2) The filter socks are available via Red Sea, BRS and...
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    When coral groth results in corals touching / being extremely close...

    There are different schools of thought on this. Some people keep them trimmed and tidy, some people like to let nature take its course and see what they end up doing. There's no right or wrong way. If you want to keep them trimmed then it might be a good idea to mount your frags on smaller...
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    Ordered Reefer 350 but debated 425 XL

    Get the 425XL for several reasons: 1) The extra depth may seem minuscule on paper, but it's not. You will like having the extra space. 2) If you don't, you are going to constantly have "coulda/shoulda" feelings about it. 3) In the long run, $300 is nothing in this hobby. You won't miss...
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    2 part vs kalk

    It's not that kalk is a less stable option, it's that the popular methods of dosing it are. Most people put it in their top off or in a reactor connected to their top off, so the amount dosed is inconsistent. Though, to be clear, it's not really a problem... But, just like 2-part, you can...
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    Electronic test kit for Ca, Mg and Kh

    I don't enjoy titration and judging colors. The ALK and ULR Phosphorus checkers are super easy and quick. I find a quick twist in a microfiber cloth before each reading makes them great. The Calcium Checker is a little bit more of a PITA since there are several steps, but as long as you...
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    Electronic test kit for Ca, Mg and Kh

    The only one that had a bad rep was the calcium checker before they started including the 0.1ml pipette.
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    Electronic test kit for Ca, Mg and Kh

    This isn't typical at all. Sorry if you've had a bad experience, but Hannah checkers are the best hobby-grade tests you can get, *particularly* the Alk checker. It sounds like you are going wrong somewhere with the test. The vial can't have any dust or fingerprints on it, so you should wipe...
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    Pukani rock showing high nitrites

    Pukani has a ton of dried out/decayed material on it. It's normal for it to cycle on its own.
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    LED adjustment.. looks vs what's good for coral.

    Use a kessil light and never worry about it.
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    Is a controller necessary?

    Necessary? No. Invaluable? Yes.
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    Kessil AP 700 Owners Gather Here!

    It's probably GFCI -- one tests it, one resets it.