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    FS sun coral and dendros

    So tempting but I'm so bad at regular spot feeding.
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    Letter to my Friend and Mentor, Jose 'Tony' Gonzalez... RIP

    Thanks for sharing and my condolences to you and his friends and family.
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    FS Clear for Life 29 Gallon Tank $40

    I was thinking the same thing! LOL Why are you always tempting me with these deals, Kenny??
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    What do you guys think of BRS taking over MD?

    This is the scary part. Amazon is killing off brick and mortar businesses and now online shopping options are dwindling with these mergers/monopolies.
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    Power outage

    All the frozen mysis though!! :spin1:
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    Power outage

    If you're going to get a generator, please don't forget about your refrigerator/freezer. Food spoiling/thawing out could get costly and messy to clean up.
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    My Giesemann Spectra Reef brite retrofit project.

    She's a keeper! Can't wait to see the pics!
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    Halides w/o chiller?

    I'm in the SFV and water temps got into the low 90s last summer for me w/o any lights on (no A/C running). Running fans for evaporative cooler got water temp down to mid to high 80s. Got scary but everything survived for the most part (lost some freshwater shrimp). Most of my corals have been in...
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    Instant Ocean Salt (200 gal) sale

    Speaking of bricks, I have a box of IO Reef Crystals that are bricks and thought I'd be able to chip them into smaller pieces and still use them but didn't have any luck. I can't remember if they took forever to dissolve or if the water remained cloudy but I gave up trying.
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    Where to buy custom acrylic sheets?

    52" x 52" is probably going to be custom made. I think typical sheets come in 4' x 8' so they may need to add a 4" strip? If you have the flexibility to go 48" x 48", it'll be a lot cheaper and look cleaner.
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    RIP Carlton Owens aka Dendro Dude

    Hello Leonard, Thanks for letting everyone know on this forum and helping out! Do you know if anyone has set up a GoFundMe page for Carlton to help with expenses in case people want to help financially besides purchasing coral/equipment?
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    FS and moving out of state

    BTW... Got your PM but my mailbox is jammed up. Thanks for the offer but I have to pass for now. Been spending a lot of money lately on non-essentials lately and need to slow down.
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    FS and moving out of state

    Looks like you're about 1.5 hrs from Dallas so not too far away from "big city action" LOL
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    FS and moving out of state

    Congrats on the move, Rik! Where in Texas are you moving to? Wish I could afford the RODI system. GLWS!