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  • Set up my new tank this week,and a slight problem and lost a few pieces my holding tank temp drop to low and I lost a pink birdnest,chalice,and some zoas,do you have any frags ready to sell? my tank looks empty
    Hello just called a friend of mine who makes tanks I ordered a 36x36x16 drilled with overflows, $180 I'm looking for a wet/dry filter maybe you may have one or may know someone in the club
    Thanks for all the great frags you sold my son and I at the frag swap! We made it back to Naples and all the frags are looking good,I will keep in touch would love to do business with you again
    I have to damsels if youd like for your class one zebra and the other a yellow tail. let me know if youd like them free!
    They didn't work too well for my tank, since it was a half circle. Plus, the guy who shared them with me ended up having to have his replaced. One of the ones I kept fared well, the other one had problems.
    My in-laws live in Viera, and I have a friend who teaches in Jupiter, High School Chemistry, I teach at South Dade Senior HS. I have a 55 Gallon Seahorse tank and a 29 Gallon Live Rock curing tank. I am looking for something to eat the Aitapsia?sp? Anemones that have arrived on some live-rock and are beginning to spread. Any ideas?
    Hello Ladybug,
    Thank you for your offer! That would be excellent. What school are you at?
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