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    Green and Purple Branching Hammer Coral - 25 or so heads $350.00 OBO

    Hi all, We have decided to scale back our reef tank to a fish only for now, then break it down for a house remodel. Many of the pieces I plan to give to the reefers that helped me in our journey, some of the others I hope to sell to recap some of the cost. This is probably the nicest piece I...
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    Free Eheim 220V pump

    I have had this for about 10 years but never used it. Free to anyone that wants it. Pickup in South San Jose
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    Free – Older Aquarium fish / reef books

    Cleaning out the garage and have these old books. Back in the 80 and early 90's you had to get all your info from local people and books. Not using these anymore but if anyone can use them they are yours. Local pickup in South San Jose. Thanks
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    Free - Eheim Model 104251 220V external pump

    I have had this for a long time but it has never been used. I have no idea if it works, my guess is its fine since it was new when I put it in my garage and forgot about it. Free to anyone who can use it. Local pickup in San Jose
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    Iwaki MD-15RLT in San Jose

    This is Free to anyone that can use it and come pick it up. Thanks
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    Iwaki MD-15RLT in San Jose

    I have a brand new, never used or turned on Iwaki MD-15RLT Pump. PM if interested, San Jose pickup only
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    Free: SCA 302 Skimmer (cracks in body)

    Bought this used and ran it on our 75 gallon tank for about 2 years. It still works but does have a few cracks in the body. Free to anyone that may need it. Located in South San Jose by Branham and Alamden Expy. Thanks
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    FS Hanna Calcium tester $35.00

    I dont use this anymore, bought it about 2 years ago. Has 5 test packets left but not sure there is enough liquid solution for 5 tests. Works great, I take very good care of all my gear. Local pickup in South San Jose Thanks
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    FS: Continuum Aquatics color intense

    Bump Anyone interested in these for $20.00?
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    FS: Continuum Aquatics color intense

    I have these but never opened them. Continuum Aquatics color intense Looks like you can buy them cheaper direct and the entire set runs about $54.00 bucks (scroll to the bottom of the page) Looking to get a donation to my "get me a new skimmer fund" if anyone is interested in them. I am...
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    RO/DI unit for San Jose Water

    I am going to buy a BRS RO/DI unit. I live in San Jose and was wondering if the 6 stage would be good enough or I should go with the 7 stage. Thanks
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    LF: 20 gallon high tank in the South Bay (or other ideas for water change holder)

    Well the 20 gallon high tank I picked up at Petco got cracked (my fault). Right now it sits on top of a small cabinet in the garage with a powerhead and heater in it all the time. I usually keep enough water in it to cover my 8 gallon weekly change. I figure if I also needed an emergency...
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    Do you use the mesh filter on your return pump?

    Hi all, I have an Eheim return pump that has a small mesh like filter and a plastic case that holds it in. From time to time when I do a water change and turn the pump back on the flow is less than normal which pushes less water into the overflow which then it stars to make noise. I have...