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    ABC Reefs 1st Anniv/Frag Swap/Sale 11/14

    Awesome, I cant wait. I hope to be there.
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    O/T fireflys

    Huh, I was at my sister's house a couple days ago and we were looking over a large field at the fireflies. everyone there said there were more there than any of us had ever seen before. I would guess there were easily tens of thousands. It was actually quite cool.
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    MACNA show?

    I am going to try to make it. I just have to see if I can get enough cash together, and convince the other half. Atlantic City should make that a little easier.
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    Ricky's 120 Gallon Mixed Reef

    Awesome, that is perfect. Guess I should have checked that first.
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    Ricky's 120 Gallon Mixed Reef

    Do you think that you could give us a brief rundown of how you take your pictures? Like what do you use to set the white balance, tripod/no tripod, fstop, shutter speed, etc. I'm trying to take pictures and your look amazing.
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    Unadjusted clown fish.....any ideas? PT-2 With video

    I had one do this when it was young. As it matured it started to show interest in hosting but nerve really did until I got another clown as a gift. Now the two of them have a nest and guard a 8" around nephthea to the death.
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    FTS, different camera settings

    Have you done any renovations to your house latly? I am building a fish room and its right next to the tank. When we tore out the old drywall, I lost about half of my LPS. After some quick water changes, and some tlc in a hospital tank, what was left was looking good. When we installed the new...
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    Dying coral?

    That looks like Nephthea am I correct? If so I have had this happen two times. Once the coral died over the course of about a week. It sped up at the end, looking like what you had for a few days before melting. The other time it created what looked like a necrotic lesion that rotted away for a...
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    Honestly, would you do MH or T5 over a 20H?

    I guess I'll just take your word for now, as all your other forms of "proof" could be easily photoshoped. :) Back to the OP, Have you thought about leaving the back open to allow for more air flow? You will probably have to deal with more evaporation. I personally love the shimmer of MH but...
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    Honestly, would you do MH or T5 over a 20H?

    Come on. This is the internet. You can argue with anyone you want, its practically encouraged! How do you know he is a physics professor, have you seen him teach? Even if it dose make sense and I think that I just learned something. :D
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    forum etiquette

    hahaha, Thanks. My poor brain could not come up with anything better.
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    forum etiquette

    I'm with everyone in the fact that I cant stand the crap that some people pass as english. I play a lot of online video games and the texting language/l33t speak drives me nuts. If I am forced to respond to it I usually say "what" until they revert to a know language and I have grown up on the...
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    Careful while cleaning fish tank.

    From what I understood of that though, the man was standing in the water not at the edge of the river, but fully submerged up to his waist. I could be wrong because I came in halfway through the same show. Also that was a catfish that was mimicking natural behavior, the one in the story was some...
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    Three day no photo period...

    I have done it to battle hair algae and it worked great for me. I covered the sides with a towel and fed normal (once a day). End of the three days I used just actinic, next day was back to normal. Everything looked great I had no losses.