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  • Amanda,

    I'm sorry. I just saw this as it doesn't seem to show up on TapaTalk and I hardly ever check it on a computer anymore.

    Yes, I definitely think they would pair up. Best way to pair them up is to either add them both at the same time you get them. They seem to bond easier when they have been shipped around and are a little confused.

    Or add the larger to the smaller established one.

    Did you get it and did it work?

    My LFS guy told me to talk to you about angels. I am in the process going a different direction and restocking my 180 gal. I am wanting to do fish in pairs. I have a chance to get a goldflake x flagfin hybrid and was thinking of trying to pair it with a juvenile goldflake. What are your thoughts on this? do you think they would pair up?
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