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  • Sorry to bother but I have a 210 gal tank at 72x24x29, i am intrested in getting the multichip for my tank what will I need to get to accommodate my size of tank
    Hi, i have one question HLG-120H-54 (mean well) is goot work ????
    (Circuit: Connect 2 x 50W LED in series LED specs: 27 volts, 1.8A) I need help
    You use a potentiometer????
    Lasse I have ask you before on advice on my 96x30x30 tank. and have been trying to implement the aluminum plate Idea with the 100watt in the middle surrounded by 20 watt chips and the problem lies in trying to get them in a circular pattern due to the mounting screws of the cooler any advice would help

    The 10 watts it is more problematic to use a parallel connection because of very different FV of the various chips. I think you should connect them in daisy chains instead (serie connections). However - this will limit how many chip you can have to each driver. The most useful driver of Meanwell in this case (IMO) is probably LPF-40D-48B. You can only connect 3 or 4 chip i a daisy chain to this driver. No less - no more. You will have 840 mA in this case.

    Sincerely Lasse
    For the two 100 LED chips you have to connect them in parallel mode to use the HLG-240H drivers. This is a little bit of risky because if one fall you will have all the current to one chip. There can also be problems with thermal runaway if the two chip not will be on the same cooler.

    You need at least secure up with rapid fuses in series with each chip. They need to be at about 3200 mA. There are other more complicated methods, mirror circuits are an example.

    If you use the HLG-240H-48B, you theoretically get a current of 2500 mA through each chip. HLG-240H-42B provide 2860 mA (theoretical). Both works if the difference in Forward Voltage between the chips is not too large.

    Sincerely Lasse

    Can you send me a link to your chips - I need to see their spec in order to help you

    Sincerely Lasse


    The seller has an eBay ID of china-wholeseller and link of: Grace Light Technology Limited
    web :

    The 100w LEDs are 36v, 3000-3200mA and 10w's are 9-11v 1000mA. The whole order is:

    1. 100w LED 60% Royal Blue 445nm & 40% Cool White 10,000k 4 EACH - 4x 30USD
    2. 10w LED UV 420nm 6 EACH - 6 x 22USD
    3. 10w LED Red 660nm 6 EACH - 6 x 8USD
    4. 10w LED Blue 470nm 6 EACH - 6 x 4.5USD
    5. 10w LED Green 520-530nm 3 EACH - 3 x 6.5USD
    6. 10w LED Hybrid Royal Blue 457-465nm / White 6,000-6,500k 3 EACH -3 x 5USD

    Thanks for your help!
    Hi Lassef,

    First want to thank you for all the good info that you written on the thread about multichips and want to ask you some question and i would really appreciated if you can help me.
    I have bought 4 epistar multichips (hybrid ones) but i have not sure what driver to use. I have connected the leds in parallel and i want to use this driver:
    I plan to run the leds little bit higher then spec. and if i understand correctly each led will be driven at 2.2A? Can you confirm me is this driver is ok to use or you can suggest me some other.

    Thanks in advance and regards,

    "I would start with two 150 cm tubes (25*50 or something like that), three fans at each tube (50 mm) and 8 chip / tube. White´s - a mix of 10 - 16 000 K) RB - a mix of 420, 445 and 455 nm. you seem to like the blue look so att least 1:1 or slightly more blues. And fix the dim option.

    Sincerely Lasse"


    Is that 25x50 cm? So it would be 150(L)x25(W)x50(H)?

    Also, If I wanted to use a flat heatsink from instead of square tubing, what would be a good Length x Width? I assume same length.

    Thank you,
    Hi Lassef, I was wondering if you could help me out. I'm currently running 8x54w T5's on my mixed reef 100g. I would like to switch to the led chips but am unsure of what I would need. I'm looking to be able to dim/adjust white and blue separately.

    Thank you,
    I do not know if this panels is god or not. There is no max current in the specifications so its difficult to say which driver you should use.

    Personally I would probably buy from a vendor that has the new chip with LED's of more than 42 mil, that is, those that take about 2 watts for each LED. The price is certainly almost 3 times higher for those chips but if you spend a lot of toil and trouble to both the aquarium and the lighting, I think it is worth the increased cost in the long run.

    Sincerely Lasse
    Hi Lassef do u think these leds will work well in a 20k range was thinking of three for my tank and also 3 50w 450nm royal blue led panels. You think these leds will give me the right light to grow sps and other corals and have i chosen the right colour config. I see jtrasap is using these leds and using the 20k rating, is this a good way to go. Or would you recommend a diffrent k rating. many thanks
    Thank you so much for the input, i understand completly and am very greatful for your help and time. I will order the stuff once the vendor is open again. Will take some time to build, will post pic on how it turns out. I might have some questions on the way but thanks alot again
    Maglofster run two 100 watts Epistar hybrid chip and two Epistar white - 10 000K. Here is the vendor but they are closed down untill the 25 of june. Yea - I think you need to use 3 + 3 at least but start with 2 + 2 and you probably will see by your self if you want more chip, more blue or more white or whatever you want to change. By myself - I´m very found of 10 or 20 watts chip and thats also an option to supplementing with a line of these chip (Royal Blue) in the back of the aquarium. But - there is no absolutes in how to set up a tank with LED and it is often personal beliefs that govern.

    Sincerely Lasse
    Thanks for the reply Lassef. I am still a little confused on what i need. I have read Maglofsters setup. Would i be correct in saying i would need 3 100w and 3 50w. What is the kelvin rating for the 100w and the 50w or is the 50w or 100w hybrids chips. I see that Maglofster 50w is a 10k . Or am i way off . Sorry for all the questions
    Maglofster - how start the thread about the multichip has a setup with two Epistar 100 watts mixed multichip that he runs at 3000 mA. Its possible to run them at 6 - 7000 mA. together with those he has two 50 watt chip. His aquarium is a bit smaller than yours (600 liters), so you should maybe have at least 100 watt chip more. Read his description here

    If you use 3 pcs 100 watt its probably is wise to use lenses. The 50 watts you can mix with RB an use some more just to have the chances to mix your light the way you want.

    Sincererly Lasse
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