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    bangai cardinal with clowns

    I think that would be fine. I have a very small orange skunk with my mature banggai pair.
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    Sea Of Marvel

    I always just call him up quick if I need to be certain he is open and also if I want to make sure he is actually there and not the kids. His kids are very nice and let me catch my own fish though if I ask, they seem very easy going about stuff.
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    Anthias ID please...

    So, did this fish mature into a stocky anthias? We recently picked up some of these little pink anthias with the red tips to the tail and can't decide if they are juvi red belted P. rubrizonatus or juvi Stocky anthias. Do you have any updated pics?
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    Will they fight?

    My tank raised orchid dottyback was about the most peaceful fish I have ever had. He was just scared to death of my blue assessor, which is not how I would have predicted that to work out. My husband recently added an TR orchid dottyback to his tank and it took the poor little fish quite a...
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    Would you buy a GIRS T-Shirt?

    I would like to buy a shirt. While we are in the discussion phase I suppose I would mention I would prefer it to be on any color shirt but white. I hate white T shirts.
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    Peoples experience with Wrasse's that jump out of tanks

    I lost my leopard wrasse to jumping. I had an open backed canopy. It was very sad because I had him for about six months and he was very healthy and happy.
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    Any stores with good Fairy wrasse

    I just picked up a nice C. rubripinnis from Aquatic Environments in davenport. (They have them labeled as "Red Parrots" :rolleyes: ) They also has some flasher wrasses, carpenters I think.
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    Where to get a CO2 tank filled/exchanged in Iowa City?

    Thx guys. I guess we will go back up to CR to exchange, was looking for something a little more convenient, but really, a tank lasts a *really* long time anyway. I can't seem to find a welding supply shop down here. It's weired, I look up welding supply in the phone book and cedar rapids is...
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    Where to get a CO2 tank filled/exchanged in Iowa City?

    Hey there, does anyone know if there is any place in Iowa City to get CO2? Ye olde calcium reactor has done run empty of it! Thanks
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    Yellow wrasse Q

    Yellow wrasse, Halichoeres chrysus. Yes they will jump, don't bother having a fish of this genus if you do not cover your tank, as you will eventually find it on the floor. They dive into the sand when scared or to sleep. Expect the wrasse to stay buried for the first day or so when introduced...
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    Yellow Coris

    At this point there really isn't anything you can do but wait! he will not come out when the lights are off, they are only out during the day. I hope your tank is fully covered?
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    Blue Fin Chromis Turning Black! Why?

    That's what they look like as adults. FWIW, I have never heard them called chromis, they are damsels. The Blue fin damsel is also known as the "black" damsel, because they turn black. see also...
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    Pair of Banggai Cardinalfish Male Female possible

    I always pair them by putting three or four in together and waiting until two pair up. It is usually pretty easy to catch the "outsiders" as they tend to try and hang out as far from the pair as they can, usually in an upper corner.
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    Bartlett's Anthias- more questions for those that keep them

    Another idea. A relative of mine feeds her fish flake by using a "feeding ring." It is a plastic ring that floats, and has a suction cup so you can stick it to the side of the tank. Basically a "corral" for the flake food. Maybe you could stick one under your auto feeder to hold the dry...
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    Bartlett's Anthias- more questions for those that keep them

    I had an auto feeder to supplement my square spot anthias. I set it on the sump right above the return pump (after the skimmer) and it sucked the dry food in and into the water column. Of course it just depends on your sump design if this will work for you.