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    Free Niger Trigger to good home

    Glad to hear Roger! I don't think you will have any problems, he has always been very mellow as I told you.
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    Free Niger Trigger to good home

    Looks good Roger!
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    Free Niger Trigger to good home

    Haha, yup!
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    Free Niger Trigger to good home

    Trigger is gone, thanks!!
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    Free Niger Trigger to good home

    I've had this guy since he was the size of a quarter, he's about 4-5" now and very mellow - has lived with a cleaner shrimp and crabs without eating them for as long as I've had him. He's in perfect health, great eater, no disease. I'm near 54 and 41 in Lutz, you'll just need to bring your own...
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    OT: Really???

    You're right Mark but, if companies treat employees fairly, they don't feel the need for a union. Plenty of blame to go around. :)
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    OT: Really???

    Try finding one that isn't made in China, I wasn't able to find one when I tried a while back. The US needs to get back to manufacturing and producing our own stuff. Globalization sounds great until you realize the world has a finite number of resources and therefore wealth. When 3rd world...
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    OT - Caylee's Law (petition)

    We already have laws against child neglect which is what not reporting her missing really is however, prosecutors would have to charge her with it in order to get a conviction and they didn't. You really can't legislate morality, we need to change our culture. As far as violent offenders going...
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    300 gallons to BIG for an apartment?

    I would also be concerned about humidity. I had a few hundred gallons in our house and we were having some issues with it. In a smaller apartment, that could become a real problem.
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    OT - Caylee's Law (petition)

    It won't change a thing. Anyone capable of murdering a child is not going to mind breaking one more law. IMO you can't legislate morality/decency.
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    My new clown tang!!

    Wow he is pretty!
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    Thank You Bob (JusticePrevails)

    :D Awesome Sue!
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    CL horror?

    No problems with stuff on CL, did have one very weird experience trying to buy one but that is another story lol.
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    Anyone have a 24" tank for sale cheap?

    I guess I should've specified 24" length.