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    6 min virtual video tour of Vinpearl Land reef display in Nha Trang - Vietnam

    Yes, you're right. That's my son in the footage and we all had fun. The adult ticket costs about $50,000 VND which is roughly about $3.5 US dollars to get in.
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    6 min virtual video tour of Vinpearl Land reef display in Nha Trang - Vietnam

    I visited Vinpearl Underwater World in Nha Trang - Vietnam back in Feb 2008 but only had a chance to edit the footage and post it online today. It was in its first month of operation in Feb 2008 so everything looked so clean and "alive". I don't really know how well they can maintain it though...
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    Live Marine Cam Snapshots!

    is this gonna be long?
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    (First Reef Tank Ever) **** 600gal Display **** 1300gal System

    no kidding, only $350US monthly? I just paid almot $600CAD for last month and a half and i have nothing like your system.
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    HOB Overflow Dependable Good Flow?

    Use powerhead to replace aqualifter? Are you alright? Obviously you haven't seen any powerhead spews water through the venturi due to coraline algae grow at the opening of powerhead nozzle. As dhnguyen said, you know nothing about HOB overflow.
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    HOB Overflow Dependable Good Flow?

    You obviously haven't used one and you would recommend it. That';s like "I hear a story from a friend's friend of my friend" CPR overflow design is the worst design ever got invented. That is not to say that everyone will have problem with it but it's true to say that most folks will have...
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    How to do my own HOB overflow plans?

    I think you got mixed up with the overflow and skimmer.:hammer:
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    How to do my own HOB overflow plans?

    I don't know how many DIY HOB overflow plans melev has on his site but i knwo the one (similar to CPR design) he has on the site doesn't work well. Consider something similar to below picture. There's a nylon nut so that you can adjust water surface skimmer box inside the tank up and down thus...
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    Problem with venturi

    as the title says, I have problem with pump running like there's no air to venturi. Basically, skimmer creates no to very little bubbles with lots of flow. I clean the pump and the venturi opening very recently by soaking the unit in vinega solution. The frequency for this to happen is so...
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    repairing a pump cord

    Any repair to the wire which is only about 12" away from pump is kindda scary to me. Of course you can do the repair and seal all you can but the possibility being electrocuted if submerged is much higher. How about fix it cord and think of runnign it outside the sump.
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    118g Tank Project

    Be caution about Salifer as some have problem with few batches.
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    Enkamat shipped to Oz??

    Hello Mr. Nguyễn You have some like 2 inches square (2in x 2in) to spare? I trying to make some small MJ mod protein skimmer.
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    Terrible morning - sump cracked!

    Mine baffles are glass and there were tight fit. I guess the baffles didn't force too much onto back and front pane enough for it to fail. I should have them lose fit as melee mentioned. How long did you have had that tank going until it broke? By the way, you current sump is looking good...
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    melev's HOB overflow queston

    that melev's HOB overflow based on CPR overflow box doesn't work. Too easy for it to fail => water on floor
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    Full tank shots please any size!

    Matt, my 120G tank is just plain empty without water (being setup). I doubt you wanna see it. :-) My current tank is 90G and just a page before this.