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    Problem with Brackets on 6025

    Roger, I wasn't expecting you to reply so soon on your weekend off...thank you for your excellent customer service. I am sending you my address now.
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    Problem with Brackets on 6025

    So I have been tremendously happy with my Tunze 6025, it has been very beneficial to my tank. The other day I noticed that my nanostream was wobbling a bit and after closer inspection I found that 2 of the 4 small brackets or clips that attach the pump to the magnet were missing, but I'm not...
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    Phoenix 14K's still a good choice?

    My favorite DE bulb...period. Color and growth of corals are excellent.
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    experiances with very tiny clams

    they have a very, very high mortality rate
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    GMFett's 600 Gallon Reef--58 pictures! Dialup Beware

    Dude, that's sick. Definitely a TOTM nominee. Are you a student in college? And if so, where is the tank located and how do you find the time for it? Lastly, how old's the look vastly more mature than 3 years! I love to get some more detailed specs and maintaince info.
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    Birdsnest Care

    Exactly...Birdsnests usually have a very thick growth pattern and require strong flow to penetrate the inside of the colony. Really nice find.
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    Why do my hermits love my sps?

    I've always heard that hermits "sleep" in the coral heads for protection, mine do it all of the time.
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    changing out live rock question

    ctreefer, we seem to have been suffering from the same problem. I've been running an 18g SPS nano skimmed by a Deltec MCE600 and Phosban reactor and very little microalgea growth, yet after about 6 months of running, macroalgea was simply uncontrollable. So after heavy comptemplation I decided...
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    Phosban Reactor and Media Tumbling

    I just added a Phosban Reactor to my 18g SPS tank, and such a small water volume I'm only using about 30g of Phosban media. The problem is with getting the media to tumble correctly. I'm using a Mini-Jet 400 and have it on the lowest setting, which is about 20 gph, but this causes no media...
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    6025's on wavemakers

    I was interested in putting my Tunze 6025 on a Blueline Tsunami wavemaker on 15-30 minuet cycles. I was wondering if the ~15 minuet on/off cycles would have any impact on the pump's life or performance? As a sidenote, with all of the controversy, I would like to make it known what a wonderful...
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    Lets get this over with, whats the best phosphate remover for the money?

    Exactly what is the liquid in Rowa...RO water?
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    Lets get this over with, whats the best phosphate remover for the money?

    I used Rowa with no results, even at 4 times the recommended dosage ...I'm now trying Phosban. Interesting how Rowa is packaged wet, while Phosban is packaged dry...does anyone know exactly why and if it has any effect on performance? Also, for those folks who use Phosban reactors, what is your...
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    phosban reactor necessary for SPS?

    I don't mean to hijack this thread, but I have a Phosban reactor and was wondering about the flow-through rate for the reactor. The directions say no tumbling, so I have only about 20gph flowing through right now, but it seems to me that without tumbling the media will just start to clump and...
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    Giesemann DE 14.5k Megachrome coral

    According to your data the Phoenix wins...
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    Any AB 10k vs Phoenix 14k comparisons?

    Yep. I've sometimes noticed when I look at the tank that it has a deep blue appearance...I'll walk in a few hours later and it looks like I just slapped a 6700k on there. I've wondered if maybe the ambient light coming into the room causes the tank to appear a different kelvin color :confused: