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    Am I playing the wrong Barry White CD?

    What size tanks ? All my clowns took 3 years before they'd spawn. I think you are rushing it. Personally, Barry Whitte music makes me flaccid.
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    this is Spooky

    I am enjoying it. 59F - 74F is my comfort zone.
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    rinsing sand

    Since it's porous they say don't use tap cause, well you know. How bad/old/used is it ?
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    Name that sound.

    It's not so much a migration. As stated above. When males fully mature they get their reproductive organs, then go in search for a female. All those tarantulas you saw were ultimate males looking for some tail. Most tarantulas will only travel in about 25sq ft their whole life. With a few...
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    Name that sound.

    Any girl that wants to kill you while making love can't be worth the trouble...... right ?
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    Name that sound.

    Nah it's a dry process. The male (left) molts for one final time, in which he gets his sexual organs. The little "legs" in front that aren't actual legs, but are called pedipalps have hard "bulbs". They use these bulbs(called Emboli) to draw up sperm that they lay down into a special web...
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    Name that sound.

    It might be this one, if you can survive the mechanical stab wound. Arachnofornication: The above copulators are native to Missouri. Aphonopelma hentzi - Oklahoma Brown
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    Do all maroons get a gold stipe?

    There are Maroon clowns and there are Gold Striped Maroons. The GSM start with white then turn gold. The regular Maroon clowns have white always and forever.
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    holy snikies batman its letmegrow

    Not biologically, Yep, and staying away from things that hurt.
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    holy snikies batman its letmegrow

    Actually yeah, I will check out the site and give you a ring.
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    Store Break In

    :lol: :lol: :lol: Classic.
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    Snails on clam

    Hmm I still think collinista. They are tiny right ?