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  • lex
    i really don't understand flat worms. i did see yr post, but didn't reply because i'm uninformed. BUT the best site for clam info i know of
    it seems like i can wait till the 19th.i should have pics soon.the guy that came buy took some pics.if still interested let me know
    hey my cousin got a 75 up and he's looking for some oscars, are you looking to get rid of your oscars?

    Okay, I am still learning how to use the new software. Sorry for the slow response.

    To delete private messages, go to "MY RC" by hitting that bottom off the top of the page.

    Then hit "List Messages" in the left hand column, under the blue "Private Messages" heading

    Check the boxes for the messages you want to delete. The boxes are the right-most column on the message listing.

    Go to the bottom of the message listing, just above "Display Options" and click the "Selecting Messages" menu area and select "Delete".

    Somehow, I think there should be an easier way, but I haven't found one.
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